This May Be the Single Healthiest Food for Your Brain

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Health experts have told us for years that eating “a healthy diet” can keep your brain strong as you age.

But what exactly does “healthy diet” mean? Does it mean you should be vegan? Or eat all organic foods? Be on a low-carb diet?

The term “healthy diet” is so vague that it’s almost meaningless.

We’d like to know exactly which foods promote mental sharpness and protect against dementia.… Read More

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The World’s Best Diet Food?

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A University of Minnesota study shows that mushrooms may be the best food to aid weight loss.

Researchers gathered 17 women and 15 men. They divided them into two groups. The subjects were randomly assigned to eat two servings of mushrooms or two servings of meat every day. The participants were given either sliced mushrooms or 93% lean ground beef.[1]

After 10 days, mushroom eaters reported:

  • Less hunger throughout the day
  • Greater fullness after meals
  • Decreased intention of eating within the upcoming three hours

“This study indicates there may be both a nutritional and satiating benefit to either substituting mushrooms for meat in some meals or replacing some of the meat with mushrooms,” said study author Joanne Slavin.… Read More

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Mushrooms Prevent Alzheimer’s, Study Finds

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Mushrooms contain compounds that boost brain nerves, increase gray matter, and prevent Alzheimer’s disease.[1]

That’s the conclusion of an exhaustive review of studies examining the effects of mushrooms on brain health. Scientists found that eating the fungi have a “preventive function against the development of Alzheimer’s disease.”[2]

The researchers say mushrooms contain antioxidant chemicals that protect against the inflammation that leads to cognitive decline.… Read More