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Never Do This to Your Turkey

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It seems to make sense to wash foods before you cook or eat them. After all, it’s important to get rid of any pesticides or germs lurking on the surfaces. 

And this seems like it would especially apply to turkey and other poultry because they are notorious sources of food poisoning.i 

No less an authority than the late Julia Child said you should always wash poultry before cooking it.Read More

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7 Surprising Places Germs Lurk

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The pandemic has made us all more worried about germs.

Most of us know the basics…

We should be wary of touching things like shopping cart handles, door knobs, ATM buttons, gas pump handles, and surfaces in public bathrooms.

But studies have found that germs can lurk in unlikely spots…places we might never think would hold cold, flu. or COVID-19 viruses.… Read More

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Never Bring This into the Bathroom

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In the pre-digital era, millions of Americans retreated to their bathrooms with a newspaper, magazine, or book.

But now?

The print media are on their last legs. And more people are relying on their smartphones to occupy their minds while they attend to bathroom business.

About 90% of us take our cellphones to the bathroom, according to one study.

That’s a bad idea.… Read More