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Is There One Natural Solution for Mental Illness, Cancer, and COVID?

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Mainstream doctors have long been baffled by schizophrenia. They don’t know what causes it. And they don’t have a cure for it.

It’s one of the most common mental illnesses. About 3.5 million Americans have it. And it can be completely debilitating, causing patients to hallucinate and experience delusions.

The first-line treatment is antipsychotic drugs. But studies show that these medications may do more harm than good.… Read More

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Probiotics Help Reduce COVID Symptoms, Study Finds 

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If you have a symptomatic bout of COVID-19, taking a probiotic supplement nearly doubles the chances that you’ll fully recover within a month.

That’s the promising finding of a new clinical trial. It tested probiotics in 300 symptomatic COVID patients. Half the subjects took a daily supplement that contained four probiotic strains. The other half took a placebo.[1]

After 30 days, 53% of the probiotic takers had completely recovered.… Read More

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COVID Re-infection Is Possible After Just 3 Months

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A new study shows that natural immunity against COVID-19 is not long-lasting.i 

Researchers at Yale University found that unvaccinated people who have caught COVID can expect to be re-infected every 16 to 17 months.  

The findings contradict the notion that recovering from COVID provides a lifetime of protection. Instead, the COVID virus is more like the flu or a cold, which we can get every year or so. Read More

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Natural Supplement Shows Promise as COVID Treatment

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The dietary supplement L-arginine shows strong potential to help COVID-19 patients recover faster. 

A double-blind trial tested L-arginine in 90 patients hospitalized with COVID. Half took L-arginine supplements twice a day. The other half took placebo pills.  

The patients taking a placebo were hospitalized for 46 days on average.  

But those who took the supplement recovered much faster. They got out of the hospital three weeks earlier, in an average of 25 days.Read More

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Holiday Travel in the Age of COVID: Beware of This Germ Hotspot

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It’s always stressful to travel during the holidays. But COVID-19 takes the anxiety to a whole new level.  

Anybody who does much air travel knows that it’s easy to pick up a cold or the flu while flying. And now we’ve added COVID to the equation. 

One study found that 20% of air travelers report respiratory illnesses within a week of taking a plane flight.Read More

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COVID: This Simple Device Can Be a Pandemic Lifesaver

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COVID: This Simple Device Can Be a Pandemic Lifesaver 

Early in the pandemic, way back in May of 2020, we recommended that you purchase a pulse oximeter. At the time, most people hadn’t heard of this device. 

It’s a small handheld instrument that clips to the tip of a finger. It measures how much oxygen is in your blood. If you come down with COVID, it can give you a lifesaving warning that your oxygen level is low and you need to get to the hospital. Read More