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COVID Re-infection Is Possible After Just 3 Months

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A new study shows that natural immunity against COVID-19 is not long-lasting.i 

Researchers at Yale University found that unvaccinated people who have caught COVID can expect to be re-infected every 16 to 17 months.  

The findings contradict the notion that recovering from COVID provides a lifetime of protection. Instead, the COVID virus is more like the flu or a cold, which we can get every year or so. Read More

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COVID Shots: Why It’s Best to Get Them in the Morning

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The human immune system is an early riser—and that’s why it may make sense to get your COVID shots in the morning.  

A new study at the University of Geneva in Switzerland recommends that time of day be considered when administering vaccines to increase their effectiveness.i 

Why is morning better?  

It’s because of our circadian rhythms. That’s the natural body clock that controls many of our biological functions, including our immune system. Read More

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The Alarming COVID Vaccine Side Effect Every Woman Should Know About

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Samantha was in the shower when she first felt it. There was a lump. It was near the side of her breast, just below her armpit.

Every woman knows—or should know—what this could mean.

“My aunt had breast cancer and is in remission,” Samantha said. “And there’s been other types of cancer on my paternal side. So I definitely thought this was something serious.”… Read More