Boost Your Vision with One Simple Super Food

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There’s one food that you should be eating every day… but most Americans don’t even know it exists. It’s an easy-to-eat snack that the Chinese have used as medicine for over 6,000 years.

It’s such a powerful health tool, most of the staff here at NHD snack on this super food every day.

This shriveled red berry could be mistaken for a raisin… but its health benefits are unparalleled.… Read More

Your Children Are in Danger! Only You Can Save Them

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There’s a man out there who’s trying to get your three-year-old hooked on hard-core drugs. He’s a guy you respect and look up to. He’s a guy you know and trust: someone who’s been in your children’s lives since they were born.

He’s a friend of the family: just looking out for you. And he’ll convince you he’s doing this for your kids: that they need these drugs for their own good.… Read More

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Balance Your Hormones for Youthful Vitality

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When we’re young, our skin has its own natural elasticity. And yet somewhere between our 30s and 50s all that changes. Smooth faces gain crow’s feet and worry lines. Taut muscles give way to sagging skin. And we lose our shine as we age. It’s one of the most visible signs of getting older.

Conventional wisdom tells us that’s just the way it is.… Read More

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Antidepressants Do More Bad than Good

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Someone you love seems different all of a sudden. They’re sad all the time. They may even be clinically depressed. What do you do to help this person?

Your first reaction is to run to the doctor. And his first response may be antidepressants.  After all, US doctors wrote 189 million prescriptions for antidepressants in 2005 alone.

But here’s the really depressing news: antidepressants don’t work.… Read More

Bonus Reports

Burn Cancer Out of Your Body: An Innovative Integrative Solution from One of the World’s Leading Oncologists

* The special hormone that lures cancer cells out of hiding (making chemotherapy 10,000 times more effective)…
* Why you should never agree to a full dose of chemotherapy when one-tenth of a dose applied the right way is more powerful but doesn’t cause hair loss, weight loss, or nausea …
* The process of whole body hyperthermia that literally burns the cancer cells out of your body and is twice as effective as chemotherapy alone…
* Where you can get this treatment and what you absolutely must know before you do.

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