An Old Spice Combats Prostate Cancer

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There’s a new secret weapon in the war against prostate cancer. Here’s a hint – you may find it in your kitchen. Wait! Don’t dig through your cabinets yet…

Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in men. Advanced prostate cancer cells are barely responsive to chemotherapy. Surgery or chemo can be damaging – depression, urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction… Fortunately, there’s new hope.… Read More

One Natural Remedy Cuts Estrogen and Fights Prostate Cancer

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Is it possible to fight prostate cancer by lowering estrogen levels?

Dr. Mark Rubin says it is. As we explained on Tuesday, he’s a professor at Harvard. And he’s spent the last decade linking elevated estrogen to prostate cancer.

His recent breakthrough shows that blocking estrogen is a powerful way to combat prostate cancer. And plenty of other doctors are putting his study to the test.… Read More

New Therapy Cuts Cancer Risk

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Scientists may finally be able to combat prostate cancer. That’s because they’re looking at the disease in a totally new light. And testing out a radical new theory.

This new theory seems to be holding up. Studies and clinical tests show it works. And the best part is… it allows the disease to be treated with an all-natural remedy. One that’s available in every grocery store.… Read More

Protect Your Prostate Now!

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Most doctors will tell you that too much testerone causes prostate cancer. But one doctor believes the reverse. He says “free” testosterone is vital to good prostate health.

That doctor is Abraham Morgentaler. And he’s spent the last seven years proving his theory.

As we told you on Tuesday, it all began in 2004 when he treated an 84-year-old patient with prostate cancer.… Read More

PSA Screenings: a Money-Making Scam

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If I told you that prostate-specific antigen (PSA) screenings were more about making money than your health, you might think I was crazy. After all, 30 million men can’t be wrong, can they?

But screenings are not only virtually pointless but potentially harmful too. And most of the players in the medical community know it. The feds know it. The American Cancer Society knows it.… Read More

Everything You’re Doing for Your Prostate May Be Wrong!

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It’s possible that everything you hear about managing your prostate is wrong. That’s because most doctors believe that elevated testosterone levels cause prostate cancer cells to grow.

But emerging research says the exact opposite is true. New studies show that your prostate thrives on increased levels of “free” testosterone. In fact, higher levels can actually reverse the growth of cancer cells.… Read More