One Natural Remedy Cuts Estrogen and Fights Prostate Cancer

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Is it possible to fight prostate cancer by lowering estrogen levels?

Dr. Mark Rubin says it is. As we explained on Tuesday, he’s a professor at Harvard. And he’s spent the last decade linking elevated estrogen to prostate cancer.

His recent breakthrough shows that blocking estrogen is a powerful way to combat prostate cancer. And plenty of other doctors are putting his study to the test.

Allan Pantuck M.D. is slowing prostate cancer by blocking estrogen. And he’s doing it with a simple, all-natural remedy.

Dr. Pantuck is the director of cancer research at UCLA. He’s specialized in the subject for over 10 years. The U.S. Army honored his investigations into slowing prostate cancer progression. He’s been awarded several times by the National Institutes of Health for his prostate research. And he’s written over 150 peer-reviewed journals on the subject.

Now he’s sharing his findings from a major study that uses a simple, totally safe ingredient to inhibit estrogen production. And slow prostate cancer.

Finding a Natural Solution

Dr. Pantuck took studied 50 men for five years. Before enrolling in the study, every man had been treated for prostate cancer. Treatments included surgery or radiation. In all cases, the treatment had failed. Their cancer was back. And it was growing fast. Each man’s PSA levels were rising quickly.

For men with no history of prostate cancer, PSA levels may not always be an accurate indicator of cancer. But when a patient has been diagnosed with cancer… and treated for it… PSA levels are an accurate way to see if the cancer is in remission. When those levels rise quickly… they’re a sure sign that the cancer has returned. And progressing quickly.

That was the case for every man in the study.

Dr. Pantuck gave each man eight ounces of pomegranate juice each day. And no other treatment.

Within weeks the juice was stabilizing their PSA levels and slowing their PSA doubling times. Doubling time is critical in prostate cancer. Patients with short doubling times are much more likely to die from prostate cancer, says Dr. Pantuck. In the case of the test group, the average doubling time was about 15 months.

But adding this simple fruit juice made a big difference. The researchers recorded a four-fold increase in doubling times. Instead of taking 15 months to double… it increased to 54 months for 82 percent of the men on the study.

“That’s a big increase,” says Dr. Pantuck. “In older men we can give them pomegranate juice and they may outlive their risk of dying from cancer. We’re hoping we may be able to prevent the need for other therapies which bring with them harmful side effects.”

There were further big improvements.

The researchers’ results also showed a:

  • 12 percent decrease in cancer cell growth
  • 17 percent increase in cancer cell death

“There are many substances in the juice that may be prompting this response,” says Dr. Pantuck. “We don’t know if it’s one magic bullet. Or the combination of everything else we know is in this juice.”

One ingredient in the juice is ellagic acid. That might be a clue to the juice’s effectiveness.

The National Cancer Institute has just published a study unrelated to Dr. Pantuck’s research. That study shows that ellagic acid inhibits aromatase, which is an enzyme that produces estrogen. The study concludes that foods containing ellagic acid – like pomegranate juice – can block estrogen.

A further study also shows that pomegranates combat prostate cancer… by inhibiting estrogen production.

This research comes from the University of Quebec in Canada. Researchers exposed human prostate cancer cells to punicic acid. That’s a fatty acid found in pomegranate seeds.

And the cancer cells shrunk and decreased in number!

How does punicic acid reduce cancer cells? The study shows that punicic acid directly blocks the production of estrogens by inhibiting aromatase.

That’s three independent studies… all coming to the same conclusion: Pomegranates cut estrogen production. And cutting estrogen levels combats prostate cancer.

“This is not a cure,” says Dr. Pantuck. “But pomegranate juice could be used to delay prostate cancer and the need for additional treatments.”

And pomegranate juice is easy to find. Dr. Pantuck gave his patients just eight ounces of POM Wonderful 100 Percent Pomegranate Juice a day. That’s because it’s 100 percent juice. No added sugars, colorings, or preservatives. You can find this same juice at your local grocery store.

Because the Quebec study shows that pomegranate seeds themselves fight prostate cancer… you can also buy the whole fruit. Again, you can buy fresh pomegranates in the produce section of your local grocery store.

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