No Drugs, No Surgeries… Conquer Chronic Pain With the Power of Your Mind

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These 7 research-backed solutions can help your brain turn off back, joint, nerve, and other types of chronic pain. 

Don Benedict’s back hurt so badly that he wanted to kill himself. He was bedridden and didn’t see the point of going on.i 

Just a few years earlier, things were very different.  

Don was an avid athlete. He played competitive handball and was a long-distance runner, doing 5 miles every other day.  

But at age 57, he ruptured a disc in his back. Then he ruptured another one.ii 

A doctor persuaded him to have surgery. But instead of getting better, the pain got worse. Two more surgeries left Don virtually disabled with severe spinal arthritis. 

His doctors put him on heavy-duty painkillers such as OxyContin. He also took anti-anxiety drugs. In all, he took 14 prescriptions a day. 

Even with all that medication, Don just stayed in bed most days. It was too painful to do anything else. He sank into a deep depression.  

“Depression comes along with the pain,” he said. “When you have something this debilitating, you have to be depressed.”iii 

As he contemplated suicide, he thought about his past. And that’s when he got the idea that would save him.  

He thought back to the time many years ago when he was a summer river guide, taking people down Idaho’s Salmon River. He’d stop at a natural hot springs. He and his passengers would get out of the boat and immerse themselves in the warm water.  

The water felt so good. And he remembered how good he felt even after getting out of the water. “I thought, ‘If it did it for me then, it should help me now,’” he recalled.  

Don forced himself out of bed, went back to the hot springs, and slipped into the water. He felt less pain right away.  

And after he got out, the relief lasted for hours. So he started going to the springs three days a week. Within months, Don was able to stop taking most of his pills.  

And there were other benefits, too… His high blood pressure dropped from 150/90 to a healthy 118/68. And his depression lifted.  

“My mental state when I’m soaking is terrific,” he said. “It seems like all my troubles—including my pain—go away.” 

Today, in his 70s, he feels better than he has in years.  

Don discovered what pain researchers have known for years…  

Your mind has the power to reduce or even eliminate chronic pain.  

In this issue of Independent Healing, you’ll discover seven natural mind-body techniques that help your brain turn off back, joint, nerve, and other common forms of chronic pain. 

Many people have discovered that these solutions work so well that they can reduce or even stop taking pain medications. And, like Don, they can become active for the first time in years.  

We’ll detail the science behind mind-body pain relief. And we’ll give you step-by-step instructions on how to use these natural remedies.  

In this issue, you’ll also discover:  

  • Why 99% of doctors who perform back surgery would never have it themselves.
  • More seniors are suffering falls during the pandemic. One exercise can help them. 
  • 5 facts you need to know about the Delta variant. 

You’ll get all this and much more in your new issue of Independent Healing.  

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