Coronavirus: This Vitamin Deficiency Could Double Infection Risk, Study Finds

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Since the early days of the pandemic, we have been telling you to make sure you’re getting enough vitamin D.

That advice is looking better than ever.

Two new studies show that vitamin D is crucial to staying well while the coronavirus continues to spread.

The first one found that being low in vitamin D nearly doubles your chances of getting infected by the coronavirus. The research was published in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).[1]

Scientists at the University of Chicago tested the vitamin D levels of 489 people. They found that people deficient in the nutrient were nearly twice as likely to test positive for the coronavirus.[2]

The researchers concluded: “Deficient vitamin D status was associated with increased COVID-19 risk.”

Vitamin D Keeps Coronavirus Patients Out of ICU

The second study split hospitalized COVID-19 patients into two groups that got identical treatment except for one factor…

One group of 50 patients took vitamin D3 supplements every day. The other group of 26 patients did not.[3]

Just one of the 50 vitamin D takers required ICU treatment. None died.

But half the 26 patients who did not take vitamin D became severely ill and had to be admitted to the ICU. Two died.

The ICU admission rate among patients not taking vitamin D supplements was 25 times higher than those who took the supplement.

The research was published in the Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. The authors concluded that vitamin D3 “seems to be able to reduce the severity of the disease (COVID-19).”[4]

The new studies back up previous research. Scientists in Indonesia tested the vitamin levels of 780 COVID-19 patients. They found that 96% of coronavirus patients who died were vitamin D deficient.

Another study published in the journal Aging Clinical and Experimental Research found that countries where the populations have higher vitamin D levels have fewer coronavirus cases and deaths.[5]

How to Make Sure You Are Getting Enough Vitamin D

You may be telling yourself that you have nothing to worry about because you get plenty of vitamin D.”

Actually, there’s a good chance you don’t.

About half of Americans are vitamin D deficient, according to the JAMA study. Earlier research found the figure may be as high as 75%.[6] [7]

The next time you have a physical, have your doctor check your vitamin D level. The test can be done with your other blood work.

If your reading is less than 20 ng/mL, you need more vitamin D. Ideal levels are 40-60 ng/mL.

To raise your level, get at least 15 minutes of sun during the middle of the day with your arms and legs exposed. If that’s not possible, take a quality vitamin D supplement. We recommend 5,000 IUs a day.

One more thing…

Be sure to take the D3 form of the vitamin. It is far better absorbed by your body than D2, which is also widely sold as a supplement.

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