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Antibiotics Most Dangerous Side Effect: A Heart Attack

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Mainstream doctors have known for years that they prescribe way too many antibiotics. A study by the Centers for Disease Control found they write 47 million unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions a year.

Physicians hand them out for minor infections that would clear up on their own. Or they prescribe them for patients with viruses. Of course, antibiotics have no effect on viruses.

Overprescribing has led to the rise of antibiotic-resistant superbugs that now plague many hospitals. But a new study shows that antibiotics present another, even deadlier, danger.

The research was published in the European Heart Journal. Scientists followed 36,429 women. None of the subjects had heart disease at the start of the study.[1]

After seven years, subjects in their 40s and 50s who used antibiotics for two months or longer increased their risk of cardiovascular disease by 28%. Subjects over 60 had a 32% higher risk.[2]

The most common reasons for the antibiotic use were urinary tract and respiratory infections, and dental problems. Although the study subjects were women, there’s no reason to think the results wouldn’t also apply to men.

Professor Lu Qi of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health led the study. “Our study suggests that antibiotics should be used only when they are absolutely needed,” he said.

Previous studies have shown that antibiotics can change the balance of bacteria in the gut. This may lead to inflammation and narrowing of heart arteries.[3]

5 Natural and Safe Antibiotic Alternatives

When you have an out-of-control bacterial infection, antibiotics can save your life. But it’s crucial you don’t take them unless you absolutely have to. For minor infections, you can rely on natural antibiotics:

1. Goldenseal (Hydrastis): This plant is native to the American Northwest. Supplements help treat sore throats and digestive infections.

2. Manuka honey: This honey is made by bees in New Zealand and Australia. It comes from the nectar of the Manuka tree. Place a dab of it on cuts to stop them from getting infected.

3. Oregon grape (Berberis Aquifolium): When used as a tea, it is effective against urinary tract and digestive infections.

4. Garlic: The pungent bulb has been used as a medicine for thousands of years. Modern research confirms it works against common earaches, pneumonia, MRSA, the flu, and candida. Take garlic supplements to help fight these infections or as a preventive measure..

5. Echinacea: Traditionally, Echinacea was used to treat diphtheria, blood poisoning, and other bacterial diseases. Today it’s mostly used to fight viral infections such as colds and flu. It is effective against MRSA.

One more thing… If you must take an antibiotic for a serious bacterial infection, be sure to use a quality probiotic supplement afterward. It will help restore your body’s natural, healthy microbiome.

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