The Closest Thing We Have to the Fountain of Youth

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In your January issue of Independent Healing, you’ll discover why America’s most popular exercise is all wrong for people middle-age and older.

Not only that, it can be dangerous for your heart.

In fact, the leading promoter of this kind of workout dropped over dead of heart attack while he was doing it!
You’ll see what you should be doing instead. And you learn how it can cut your heart attack risk by 70%, improve your memory, prevent diabetes and depression, and get rid of high blood pressure. It can even save you from dying of cancer.

Plus, you’ll find out how one 61-year-old got into terrific shape by spending just three minutes a day doing a simple at-home workout… You’ll discover the “muscle vitamin” everyone needs… And you’ll learn about the fast-gain supplement that pumps you up in three days.

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