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Antibiotics’ Deadliest Side Effect: Cancer

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An alarming new study has uncovered an important reason to avoid antibiotics.

Researchers found that using antibiotics increases the risk of colon polyps, a precursor to colon cancer.

Colon cancer is also known as colorectal or bowel cancer. It kills more than 50,000 Americans a year. It is the second-leading cause of cancer death among men in the United States, behind lung cancer. It is the third-leading cause of cancer death among women, behind only breast and lung cancers.1

Researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston examined data from 16,600 nurses who are part of a 40-year trial called the Nurses’ Health Study.

Scientists found that nurses who had taken antibiotics for two months or more—even once—between the ages of 20 and 40 had a 36% greater chance of developing colon polyps than those who had not taken the drugs. The risk for the precancerous condition jumped to 70% for those who took antibiotics while they were in their 40s or 50s.2

The study was published recently in the journal Gut. The authors warn that “antibiotics fundamentally alter the gut microbiome by curbing the diversity and number of bacteria” and “this might all have a crucial role in the development of bowel cancer.”3

Previous studies have found that antibiotics increase the risk of other cancers, including prostate, breast, and lung cancers.4

Every time you take an antibiotic, you not only boost your chances of getting cancer…you endanger your health in other ways. Studies show antibiotics raise the risk of diabetes, Crohn’s disease, asthma, and obesity.

The overuse of antibiotics has also given rise to deadly “superbug” infections, which are resistant to antibiotics.5

5 Natural, Safe Antibiotic Alternatives 

When you have an out-of-control bacterial infection, antibiotics can save your life. But it’s crucial you don’t take them unless you absolutely have to. For minor infections, you can rely on natural antibiotics.

  1. Goldenseal (Hydrastis): This plant is native to the American Northwest. Supplements help treat sore throats and digestive infections.
  1. Manuka honey: This honey is made by bees in New Zealand and Australia. It comes from the nectar of the Manuka tree. Place a dab of it on cuts to stop them from getting infected.
  1. Oregon grape (Berberis Aquifolium): When used as a tea, it is effective against urinary tract and digestive infections.
  1. Garlic: The pungent bulb has been used as a medicine for thousands of years. Modern research confirms it works against common earaches, pneumonia, MRSA, the flu, and candida. Take garlic supplements to help fight these infections or as a preventive measure.
  1. Echinacea: Traditionally, Echinacea was used to treat diphtheria, blood poisoning, and other bacterial diseases. Today it’s mostly used to fight viral infections such as colds and flu. It is effective against MRSA.

One more thing… If you must take an antibiotic for a serious bacterial infection, be sure to use a quality probiotic supplement afterward. It will help restore your body’s natural, healthy microbiome.

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