Ancient Indian Herb Ends Sugar Cravings

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You can’t resist that last piece of cake. That bowl of ice cream. That chocolate bar. We’ve all been there.

But too much sugar is far more dangerous than most people realize. It does more than just expand our waistlines. It causes inflammation—the secret culprit behind some of the biggest health threats we face.1

Controlling cravings can be the hardest—but most important—part of maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. Of course, that’s easier said than done. But here’s good news…

There’s a sugar-destroying herb that can help you do just that: Gymnema sylvestre.

It curbs cravings. And it signals the pancreas to make insulin. This is key to keeping blood sugar at a healthy, normal level.2

A study in Physiology and Behavior showed this herb reduced cravings in people who took it prior to drinking a sweetened beverage. They also ate less later on.3

Bottom line: Your sweet tooth doesn’t stand a chance against it.

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“I have more energy. I have less digestive upsets. My thinking seems to be more clear. My joints aren’t aching. I’m sleeping better. I’m not craving carbs and sweets. I can feel hunger pangs and I feel full; these are new sensations for me. And, without trying, I took off 20 pounds in 6 weeks.” Discover Diane’s unique secret HERE.

Native to India, people have taken gymnema for over 2,000 years.4 Its Hindi name, gurmar, literally means “sugar destroyer.” Its active component, gymnemic acid, suppresses sweetness cravings and alters taste bud receptors. And it prevents sugar molecules in food from being activated and prevents sugar absorption in the intestines.

In one study, subjects took 500 mg of gymnema daily for three months.5 They improved their long-term blood sugar levels. These people also saw healthy shifts in lipid levels, less fatigue, and even reduced hunger.

Gymnema is safe, natural, and effective. But it isn’t the only solution for keeping your blood sugar in balance and controlling your cravings.

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