A new Johns Hopkins study shows that women with common gene variants linked to breast cancer can cut their risk by following a healthy lifestyle.

Johns Hopkins Study: 4 Lifestyle Fixes for Breast Cancer Genes

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When it comes to breast cancer, the curse of nature can be overcome by clean living.

That’s the upshot of a new study that provides hope to women who have a genetic predisposition to breast cancer. It shows that if breast cancer runs in your family, you can beat your heightened risk by making simple lifestyle changes.1

Johns Hopkins researchers looked at women with one or more gene variants that put them at greater risk for breast cancer. The study found four factors lowered their chances for the disease:

  1. Maintaining a healthy weight
  2. Not smoking
  3. Limiting alcohol
  4. Not using hormone therapy after menopause

Scientists estimated that if all American women did these things, 30% of breast cancer cases would be eliminated. And a majority of those averted cancers would be among women with a genetic predisposition to breast cancer.

Even women with the highest level of genetic risk can get their breast cancer odds down to average, the research showed.

Of course, following the advice in the study is easier said than done. Researchers did not provide ways to accomplish their recommended lifestyle fixes.

That’s where we can help.

Click on the links below for strategies that will help you make the changes you need to avoid breast cancer:

  • Maintain a healthy weight. We’ve long recommended a Paleo-style diet. It not only aids in weight loss, but it lowers the risk of memory loss and diabetes. Research shows that high-protein eating plans such as the Paleo diet lead to less hunger during weight loss.

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