Overdoses from painkillers are sweeping America. Here are three natural solutions to pain that won’t lead to addiction.

Doctors Are Turning America Into a Nation of Addicts

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It’s no wonder Americans are dropping like flies from drug overdoses.

A new study finds that 99% of doctors violate federal guidelines when handing out prescriptions for narcotic painkillers.1

Nearly a quarter of physicians routinely give out a month’s worth of powerful opioids when a patient complains of pain. This is enough to cause brain changes that lead to addiction.

The research by the National Safety Council found only a third of doctors ask about a family history of addiction.

The problem has reached the point where pharmaceutical painkillers such as OxyContin and Vicodin now cause more overdose deaths than heroin and cocaine combined.

Opioid Painkillers: Deadlier Than a Nuclear Bomb

Dr. Donald Teater Medical Advisor, National Safety Council Opioid dependence treatment specialist

Dr. Donald Teater
Medical Advisor, National Safety Council
Opioid dependence treatment specialist

Overdoses have hit record highs. The death toll is catastrophic. They kill more than 46,000 Americans a year. That’s more deaths than we suffer from car accidents (35,369) or shootings (33,636).2

The atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki in World War II didn’t kill as many people (39,000).3

“Opioids do not kill pain. They kill people,” said Dr. Donald Teater. He’s medical advisor at the National Safety Council.

Unless you have major trauma or severe post-surgical pain, steer clear of opioids. Even then, use them for the shortest time possible.

Narcotics are not the answer for back or other types of long-term pain.4 There’s no evidence they work better than natural treatments.

Here are three natural painkillers with no addiction dangers. You can take them long-term without worry. Unlike opioids you won’t build a tolerance.

Natural Pain Relievers That Are Better Than Drugs

  1. Corydalis is the root of an Asian plant. It contains dehydrocorybulbine. This compound is effective against headaches, back pain, and menstrual pain.

Corydalis can be purchased as granules. They are dissolved in hot water and sipped throughout day for constant pain relief. Pills are also available.5

  1. Cat’s Claw is a traditional folk medicine. It is a South and Central American plant.6 It’s a potent anti-inflammatory. Many arthritis patients find it provides strong relief. It comes in teas, capsules, or tinctures.
  1. Willow Bark is a pain reliever that dates back to Hippocrates.7 Studies show it works against headache, arthritis, and back pain. It comes in capsule or tincture forms.

These aren’t the only natural solutions that can help ease your pain…

In 2007, researchers in Scotland tested a natural compound in one healing herb on patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

Pain evaporated from their joints… Stiffness all but disappeared… And they performed everyday activities much easier than before. Plus, it was 100% safe.

Many patients discovered they didn’t need their pain drugs anymore. Want better mobility…greater freedom…and a lot less pain? Without all those pills?

Get all the details HERE.

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