Lice have become resistant to pyrethroids. This is the toxic chemical used in anti-lice treatments. Here are natural solutions to get rid of the parasites.

Super-Charged Human Parasite Hits 25 States

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One of the most disgusting human parasites has genetically mutated to beat the stuff we use to kill it.

That’s the awful news from scientists at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Researchers there collected 109 lice samples…104 of them had the “super-lice” gene mutation.1

And it gets worse.

They found the new strain in 25 states across the South, West, and Northeast. It’s expected to spread. And the mutant lice aren’t just plaguing children. People of all ages have been infested.2


Lice have become resistant to pyrethroids. This is the toxic chemical used in anti-lice treatments. Here are natural solutions to get rid of the parasites.

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The parasites are becoming increasingly immune to pyrethroids. These are the active ingredient in most over-the-counter anti-lice products.

Pyrethroids used to be 100% effective in killing lice. But in 2013 researchers found their success rate was starting to plunge.

The Rise of Mutant Super Lice

The researchers believe that lice have mutated to build tolerance for pyrethroids. As we reported recently, something similar is happening with another insect plague, bedbugs.

It’s best to avoid pyrethroids anyway. They’ve been linked to neurotoxic effects such as tremors and learning problems.

I have a personal horror story regarding lice treatment. My daughter had lice when she was little. So I used a popular pyrethroid-based shampoo on her.

She had a terrible allergic reaction. Her eyes swelled shut. Her neck and hands also swelled. I rushed her to the emergency room. She received immediate treatment and was fine. But still.

My daughter has since had lice one other time. I used an organic treatment and it worked.

And now that pyrethroids have lost effectiveness, it’s a no-brainer to stop using them.

Luckily, there are surefire natural ways of to get rid of lice… Even mutated super-charged versions:

  • AirAlle: This is a new FDA-approved medical device. It uses no chemicals. The device sends a steady flow of hot hair around the head. This dehydrates and kills the lice and the eggs. The entire treatment takes one hour and cost in the range of $170.

Lice removal companies will come to your house and use AirAlle on all who are afflicted.3

  • Smothering Agents: School nurses report great results using this method. The idea is to suffocate the lice and eggs.4 Apply mayonnaise, olive oil, or petroleum jelly thickly to the hair. Cover with a shower cap. Let sit for 12 hours. Comb out hair. Wash twice. The procedure might need to be repeated.
  • Natural Plant Oils: Some clinical trials have seen success using natural oils that have a toxic effect on lice and eggs. These include tea tree, anise, ylang ylang oils. Saturate scalp with oil. Wear shower cap and leave on for at least 12 hours. Then comb out and shampoo twice. Repeat the procedure at least once.5

Lice are every parent’s worst nightmare. But with these non-chemical solutions, you’ll be able to get rid of the dreaded creatures safely and quickly.

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