Burnt toast and other common food items contain a chemical that can give you cancer. Find out how to limit your risk.

Here’s Why You Should Never Eat Burnt Toast

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There’s a deadly danger hiding in your… Toast.

America’s favorite breakfast side item carries a grave health risk, according to a new report from the Food Standards Agency.

The World Health Organization calls a chemical found in burnt toast a “major concern.”1 The International Agency for Research on Cancer agrees it’s a “probable human carcinogen.”2 The FDA urges people to avoid it.3

That’s because human studies link it to endometrial and ovarian cancers.4 And animal studies show it causes tumors in rats and mice.5

It’s a chemical called acrylamide. When you heat starchy foods above 248 degrees, the sugars, amino acids, and water in them cause acrylamide to form. The longer you cook food at high temperatures, the more of the compound is created.

Researchers from the Food Standards Agency tested toast from 50 different households. The lightest pieces had 9 micrograms of acrylamide per kilogram. Charred toast had 19 times that amount—167 micrograms.6

But that isn’t the only food you have to worry about. Acrylamide is in cereals, biscuits, crackers, and pastries, according to the report. Your best bet is to avoid these low-nutrient, high-glycemic foods. They’re full of refined grains that cause blood sugar spikes and inflammation.

French fries are the worst offenders. They have up to 1,052 micrograms of the carcinogen per kilogram. Even oven-roasted potatoes have up to 500 micrograms. That’s because of the high temperature—and long cooking time—it takes to turn them golden-brown.

Here are ways to cut exposure to acrylamide:

  • Cook starchy foods at lower temperatures.
  • Don’t fry foods. This cooking method is the most likely to produce acrylamide.
  • Do boil and steam your food. These methods are the least likely to produce acrylamide.7
  • Don’t smoke. People who do have 3-5 times more acrylamide in their blood. 8

It’s nearly impossible to completely avoid acrylamide. That’s why the best way to defend against all carcinogens is to add simple, natural solutions to your daily routine.

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