Fight Inflammation With the Tree of Immortality

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Inflammation is the underlying cause of almost every major disease. Reduce inflammation and you cut your chances of a heart attack, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and many other deadly scourges.

One of the world’s most effective anti-inflammatory substances is completely natural. It’s grown in the Himalayan Mountains.

In fact, researchers have found that this extract is more effective than Indocin (indomethacin), a popular prescription drug used to treat arthritis pain and inflammation.

A study showed the natural remedy reduced inflammation by 54% in only one hour. Indocin, on the other hand, lowered inflammation by 49%.1 It wasn’t a landslide victory. But remember, this alternative is completely natural, safe, and doesn’t require a prescription.

This legendary tree is also bursting with nutrition. Its leaves are a complete protein source with 18 amino acids and nearly 50 antioxidants. It has 36 times more magnesium than eggs, 25 times more iron than spinach, and four times more calcium than milk.2

Moringa oleifera is known as the drumstick or horseradish tree. It is also called the “Tree of Immortality” or “Miracle Tree.”

Dried moringa reduces inflammation in the lungs caused by asthma. Researchers found that three grams a day for three weeks can improve a person’s lung capacity by more than 30%.3 By lowering inflammation, moringa helps you breathe easier. And not one person in the study experienced a single side effect.

Before you reach for Tylenol, Advil, Aleve, or another painkiller, we suggest you give this natural alternative a try.

Supplements, powders, and teas are widely sold online and in health food stores.

What’s your secret for fighting inflammation? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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  1. I was able to STOP both my prescription anti-inflammatory medications by switching OVERNIGHT to these 3 supplements – Recovery Extra Stength (made by Purica), NPF Mono (made by BioMed) and the most amazing product – Wobenzyme! That was over a year and a half ago. The Wobenzym was also helpful for some headaches as well. Today, I’m not taking anything. I also dropped a whopping 110 lbs, am gluten and dairy free except for a limited amount of cultured dairy products. Going gluten free was a wonderful place to start, but to be able to be more active, I had to get more aggressive with reducing/eliminating the inflammation. When it doesn’t hurt, it soooo much easier to get even the necessary things done like housework, shopping, even just going for a walk. Thinking of transition from prescription was a little scary. But was actually “painless”. I didn’t experience any difference initially. But had my very first pain free – YES PAIN FREE – day only a couple short weeks later!!! I work in an integrative pharmacy and have recommended this protocol to some of our customers have had the same experience. Today, after 8 months of adhering to the diet, exercise and supplement protocol, I’m not currently taking anything for inflammation!!

  2. I use an old time remedy that really helps. Place a package of GOLDEN raisens in a glass pan, cover with GIN, let stand until all the gin is absorbed, put into glass jar/s & eat 9 every morning. YUMMY, for non drinkers, not to worry, by the time the gin is all absorbed the alcohol has disapated. This does not have to be be stored in the fridge, I keep a jar next to my coffee pot so I don’t forget. I am 80 & have very little arthritis.

  3. I read about the Moringa or “drumstick” Tree about a year ago, but the article said that it was grown in Africa. It also said that the plant was known to prevent and cure over 300 diseases. In any case, it seems like something nice to have around.

    1. My daughter and her husband took Moringa and I started taking it but, all three of us started having leg pains which probably means Lactic Acidosis.

    1. Try organic unrefined coconut oil. You should be able to find it in the organic aisles at your grocery.

  4. Have RA, use gingerol (a COX2 inhibitor) and tumeric extract (inhibiting activation of NF-KB in the joint) and sun chlorella.

  5. I combine 2 parts of olive oil, 2 parts peanut oil and one part lanolin to take away arthritic pain and swelling. It is very oily and only requires a small amount to rub in thoroughly as often as you like. Usually it works right away, but if you have had this problem for a long while it could take time to soften the ligaments that are dry, float away the dry cells and rebuild healthy new cells. You may have to order lanolin, but try Whole Foods and health stores.

  6. Since 1993 I had OA, INFLAMED,RED. In june I started taking FungiPerfecti, “My Community” mushroom extract after reading about it in DISCOVER magazine.No inflamation,No pain,and it is anti cancer.WILL NEVER BE WITHOUT IT.I order it from

  7. I have had ongoing inflammation in my left eye for many years and has consequently damaged my photo receptor cells. so I am badly affected by any kind of light.Also I find it difficult to see in dim light.
    The inflammation markers in my blood tests seem okay. Does anyone know of anything that may target the inflammation in my eye.
    The eye specialist wants to try oral steroids and another auto immune lowering drug which I would need to take for life. I am not keen on this idea but desperate to at least halt the damage that is being caused to my eye.

    1. Once again organic unrefined coconut oil. Wonderful for about anything that ails you. You can spread it on your toast, fry your food in it, bake with it. I too had an eye infection and started by rubbing a small amount (It doesn’t take much coconut oil) on my eyelids and under my eyes at bedtime. Take a couple Tablespoons daily, mix it in a cup of hot tea if you can’t tolerate eating it raw. Never heat it in a microwave to melt it. It will melt in the palm of your hand and is a great moisturizer for your skin.

    2. I have used Manuka honey for eye problems with very good, and quick, results.

  8. this is very informational and interesteing especially the mircral tree and the coconut oil

  9. I too started taking Moringa seeds and grounded dry leaves as tea some time ago because it is described as curing over 99.5% deceases. But now I get leg pains, really excruciating pains. Does this mean, this miracle tree is causing my leg pains?

  10. Moringa Oleifera has changed the quality of my life! I have fibromyalgia and suffered constant pain.
    With 1/2 to 1 spoon of Moringa per day in yogurt or a smoothie, I feel better, have distinctly less inflammation and pain, I got my normal life back! PLUS, I lost all my asthma and asthma-related allergies & sympthoms…that I had suffered with all my life. MOST OF ALL, it will convince you to get OFF meds!

  11. I have no reply – I am looking for a solution to the unyielding pain left by mesh removal (two layers) from a failed repair of Inguinal Hernia.
    12/19/2012.(4 surgeries – 3 neurectomies – 4 nerve blocks) 0 works. It is my understanding this life destroying residual pain is about ‘Inflammation’. So would this
    Fight Inflammation With the Tree of Immortality work on this problem?

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