Research reveals this common autoimmune disease puts your joints—and your heart—in danger. It could make you 60% more likely to have a heart attack.

Common Illness Raises Your Heart Attack Risk by 60%

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It doesn’t just cause excruciating pain that can make simple tasks a struggle…

This disease has a lesser-known but even more insidious effect: It can wreck your heart. In fact, it may raise your heart attack risk by 60%.1

Yet it isn’t listed by the American Heart Association among the major risk factors for heart disease.2 That’s shocking since it’s so common.

Doctors diagnose more than 1.5 million North American adults every year with this chronic illness. And another 300,000 children.3

I’m talking about rheumatoid arthritis.

One new study found the standard American diet makes you more likely to develop RA.4 That’s probably because processed meats and refined grains cause inflammation.

By comparison, women who ate a diet high in fruits, vegetables, poultry, and fish were at a decreased risk.5 But they could have gotten even better results…

You see, their diet was almost Paleo, but not quite… The women also ate grain products—like bread and pasta.

If they had ditched the grains, they would have been following a true Paleo-style diet. And they could have brought their RA risk down even more.

Research shows a Paleo-style diet can help you fight the root causes of it—inflammation and an over-active immune response.

That’s because all grain products contain gluten. And eating too much of this protein can cause inflammation and turn your immune system against you. So without grain in your diet, you’re less likely to have inflamed joints…and a heart attack.

A Paleo diet supports a healthy immune response because it’s loaded with nutrient-dense foods. Take bell peppers for instance. They contain vitamins A and C—two vitamins your immune system depends on to run smoothly.

The best part? Rather than cause other issues—like prescription drugs do—the only side effect you’re likely to encounter is better whole-body health.

Interested in going Paleo? Here are some simple guidelines to get started:

  • The Paleo diet includes fresh meats, eggs, fish, and vegetables. Grass-fed and pasture-raised meats contain the most nutrients.
  • Make nuts, fruits, and seeds your go-to snacks, but enjoy them in moderation.
  • Love cow’s milk? Swap it out for unsweetened almond milk. It’s a delicious, dairy-free alterative.

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