Surgery and radiation aren’t the only ways to address skin cancer… Here are 5 secret ways to fight skin cancer without any pain.

Fight Skin Cancer With These 5 Secret Remedies

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You may think painful laser treatments are the best way to get rid of skin cancers. Or that dangerous radiation or chemo are the answers to melanoma. But there are harmless natural solutions hiding in places you’d least expect.

Here are five secret ways to fight skin cancer:

1) Apply This Weird Purple Fruit (yes…it’s a fruit)

Eggplants are potent, natural cancer-fighters. They have compounds in their skin called solasodine glycoalkaloids. In one study, it helped cure 78% of participants of basal cell carcinoma within one year.1

You’ll need to use a topical solution. That’s how to target the cancer cells directly. Eating eggplants isn’t enough. You can find creams online that contain 0.005% solasodine glycoalkaloids. Just like the solution from the study.

2) Use the Oil of Kings

Frankincense is an essential oil. It contains beta-elemene. This natural chemical kills—and stops the growth of—cancer cells. One study found frankincense oil caused human pancreatic cancer cells to self-destruct.2

Researchers at the University of Oklahoma Health Science Center confirmed that one man used it to cure a basal cell carcinoma on his arm. Just by applying frankincense oil to the cancer every day for 20 weeks… And he didn’t experience any side effects.3

If you can’t find it in a health food store, you can buy it online. Look for pure, organic frankincense oil.

3) Try Red Raspberry’s Sweeter Cousin

You’ve probably never heard of black raspberries… Or their cancer-fighting abilities. Taking black raspberry seed oil helped mice kill skin cancer naturally. It did this by enhancing their immune systems.4 Another study found a topical mixture helped stop the spread of tumors.5

You can find lotions that contain a small amount of black raspberry seed oil. But pure black raspberry seed extract is what you want. Like the other solutions, you may find them in health food stores and online.

4) Take This Liver-Saving Flower Extract

Milk thistle extract shields your liver from damaging toxins. Natural healers have used it for over 2,000 years. And studies show it can also help prevent skin cancer.

Dr. Rajesh Agarwal from the University of Colorado studied the extract for 20 years. He found that it kills UVA-damaged skin cells without harming healthy cells. It also reversed DNA damage from UVB radiation.

This one you can find in capsules or in a liquid dropper. Oral supplements may be best for prevention. You can use the liquid as a topical solution to fight signs of sun damage on your skin.

5) Find This Little-Known Form of a Common Vitamin

Nicotinamide is a form of vitamin B3. And it’s a natural way to help prevent basal and squamous cell skin cancers. In one study, participants who took this vitamin once a day for a year saw a 23% reduction in recurring skin cancer.6

You can get more nicotinamide in your diet by eating organic meats and nuts. If you’d rather take a supplement, find a high-quality product from natural sources.

These aren’t the only natural cancer fighters you have access to. Some of them may already be in your kitchen…

Like a windowsill herb that makes cancer cells commit suicide. And an “unhealthy” drink that slashes your risk of deadly prostate cancer by 60%. It also helps lower your risk of skin cancer.

That’s just a glimpse of the five everyday cancer-fighting weapons at your disposal. I urge you to discover them all HERE.

Have you beaten skin cancer using natural remedies? Tell us how you did it in the comments, below.

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Surgery and radiation aren’t the only ways to address skin cancer… Here are 5 secret ways to fight skin cancer without any pain.