Resveratrol may help protect your heart, boost your brain…and even fight aging. But don’t forget weight loss… Eating more of it may help burn more fat.

Adding 12 Ounces of This Could Burn More Fat

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Looking younger… Feeling younger… Better brainpower… A healthy heart… Even a lasting boost in energy levels. There are a LOT of good reasons to get more resveratrol in your diet.

Yet there’s one people tend to forget.

Weight loss.

You’re more likely to hear about its impressive heart benefits because that’s where most of the research is being done. But a new study in the International Journal of Obesity may change that…

Researchers at Washington State University looked at the effects of resveratrol on weight gain in mice. They gave the mice the human equivalent of 12 ounces of fruit per day… About two or three human servings. The mouse diet came out to about 0.1% total resveratrol intake. Yet it made a major impact.

Mice eating the resveratrol diet had 40% less weight gain vs control. That’s despite adding fruit—more food and calories—to their standard diet.

Earlier studies have shown resveratrol can help prevent obesity. But researchers weren’t sure why. According to this study’s leader, Dr. Min Du, his research shows why… It all comes down to fat:

“Polyphenols in fruit, including resveratrol, increase gene expression that enhances the oxidation of dietary fats so the body won’t be overloaded… They convert white fat into beige fat that burns lipids off as heat.”1

In other words, resveratrol helps convert fat into a form that’s easier to burn off as energy. This means you’re less likely to store the foods you eat as body fat. But it may also let you get rid of stubborn body fat more easily. The only bad news?

Dr. Du says wine won’t cut it when it comes to resveratrol content. Most only contain a fraction of the polyphenols—like resveratrol—found in grapes. They get filtered out during the production process. It’s better to rely on fruits like apples, blueberries, grapes, and strawberries for your resveratrol.

For even more polyphenol power, you can take a natural resveratrol supplement. But where you get your supplement from—and what else is in it—makes all the difference.

Resveratrol is a key ingredient in our popular Bio PT Elixir. One Health Watch reader, 65-year-old Mike P., said this of Bio PT Elixir, “I felt better in 24 hours and even more in just two weeks. I’ve got some more energy, my blood tests are really good, and my doctor is happy. I most like the fact that I am getting my energy back and a lust for life.”

It helps Henry B. drink less soda. And Vernon P. says, “There are a lot of supplements that I have wasted money on, but Bio PT Elixir does what it says, and the proof is in how you feel.”

Maybe that’s because during our research into formulating this unique drink mix, we came across something interesting. A way to really ramp up resveratrol’s potency. It’s by combining it with a close relative of the compound. When you put this power duo together, in vitro research suggests they may protect your cells better from free radical damage.

That kind of protection can lead to slower aging, less wrinkles, and better health as you age.

Resveratrol and its lesser-known cousin are just two of the 16 natural ingredients you’ll find in one dose of Bio PT Elixir. Learn more about it HERE.

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