Statins may be the deadliest drugs on the market. Yet a new study shows they might slow prostate cancer growth. But here’s why they won’t save your prostate…

These Dangerous Heart Drugs Won’t Fight Prostate Cancer

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We’ve been telling Health Watch readers for years… Statins are among the deadliest drugs your doctor can prescribe you.

Instead of protecting your heart, they increase calcification in your arteries. And they steal your heart’s supply of coenzyme Q10. These are just two of their 600 known adverse side effects.1 But that doesn’t stop Big Pharma from trying to find other reasons for you to take them.

This time, they’re setting their sights on your prostate.

Their evidence comes from a new study out of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute at Harvard Medical School. Researchers looked at statin drug use in men being treated for advanced prostate cancer.

They found men taking statin drugs had a slower rate of cancer progression. For men not taking these drugs, cancer progression took about 17 months. But for the men on statins, their cancers didn’t advance for about 28 months.2

The researchers admit statins won’t reduce your prostate cancer risk… But to lead author, Dr. Phillip Kantoff, “The ability of a therapy to thwart the development of lethal prostate cancer is more important than decreasing the overall incidence.”3

It sounds like a breakthrough…like simply taking these pills a few times a day could add almost a year onto the time it takes cancer to grow. But there’s a big problem here…

Statins didn’t slow these cancers. Androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) did.

You see, the men in this study were all taking ADT to treat their prostate cancer. They’re drugs that cut off your prostate’s testosterone supply. The idea is without testosterone reaching the cells, the cancer can’t grow. Problem is, these drugs stop working after about 18 months—if they even worked in the first place. After that, the cancer can grow and spread.4

Statins only helped these drugs work for a little longer. They didn’t shrink, slow, or kill cancer cells by themselves. But that doesn’t stop the mainstream headlines from claiming statins may help slow prostate cancer. So no, statins won’t slow prostate cancer. But they may cause other conditions—including certain cancers—to develop.

Big Pharma tried to claim taking statins could somehow treat Parkinson’s… But we showed you that taking these drugs can actually increase your risk of developing the disease by up to 139%.5 If your doctor does put you on these drugs to slow—or prevent—cancer… He could be raising your thyroid cancer risk by almost 50%.6

Don’t wait until you have prostate cancer to start fighting it… And don’t turn to statins for help. They’ll only put your health in danger. But there are natural solutions that can help protect your prostate.

Melatonin is one of them. You’ll find it in pineapple. Studies show eating it can reduce your risk of developing prostate cancer by 75%.7 Upping your levels of vitamin D3 is another way… Men with low levels are almost four-times more likely to face prostate cancer.[viii] Try getting more of it by eating farm fresh eggs, organic mushrooms, and grass-fed beef. Or spend a little more time in the sun each day.

But these aren’t the only natural cancer killers at your disposal…

In a small lab in Hungary, scientists witnessed a unique breakthrough in natural cancer treatment. A compound that outperformed the world’s best-selling cancer drug by 50%. Their discovery even appeared in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. And don’t call it a fluke… More than 100 different lab and clinical trials support their findings.

It’s 100% legal. You don’t need a prescription. And it doesn’t come with toxic side effects like chemo does. As dangerous as it is to cancer cells…it won’t harm you.

But this isn’t the only natural cancer-fighter to burst onto the scene in the last few years…

Other science-backed treatments are starving, isolating, and wiping out cancer naturally. Like the mushroom-based formula that boosts natural killer (NK) cells by up to 900%… And the “sticky” citrus secret one doctor in Israel found cripples cancer’s ability to spread—and survive.

And I’m only scratching the surface. Get all the details HERE.

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