A natural compound from an ancient Chinese herb may lead to better—and safer—weight loss than surgery. But the FDA doesn’t want you touching it.

Outlawed Chinese Herb Beats Bariatric Surgery

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Breaking research reveals there may be a simple solution for fast weight loss. And not just if you’re looking to drop few pounds… This may even work for people who are morbidly obese.

It comes from an herb Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners have used for the last 2,000 years.

A team at Harvard Medical School looked at the effects of a compound extracted from this ancient anti-inflammatory on obese mice. Researchers found it improved the way their bodies used leptin.

Leptin is a hormone that recognizes when your body has enough fuel from food. It acts as an off switch to your appetite. A leptin imbalance can lead to overeating and unhealthy food cravings.

After just one week, mice taking this extract lowered their food intake by 80%. That was just the first step… By three weeks into the study these mice had lost 45% of their initial bodyweight.1

This natural fat-destroyer didn’t just lead to greater weight loss than you can expect from bariatric surgery… It did so without any invasive—dangerous—surgery, long recovery times…or even a single side effect. But the FDA doesn’t want you to have it.

What’s this outlawed Chinese weight loss secret?

Celastrol. It’s a compound researchers extracted from the thunder god vine (TGV).

You may recall TGV is a natural rheumatoid arthritis fighter. Even topical application can provide relief.2 But this study shows TGV’s most important—and impressive—benefits yet.

That’s because researchers also found adding this extract lowered cholesterol and improved liver function. It even helped these mice process glucose better. Together with weight loss, these benefits may mean lowering risk of heart disease, fatty liver, and type 2 diabetes.

According to the authors, “If Celastrol works in humans as it does in mice, it could be a powerful way to treat obesity and improve the health of many patients suffering from obesity . . . heart disease, fatty liver, and type 2 diabetes.”3

The researchers didn’t see any toxic effects in these mice. But they need to do more research before they can say the same for humans. Remember, this was an extract that came from TGV. And though there’s a small amount of Celastrol in TGV… It’s not the only compound you’ll find.

The leaves, flower, and root skin of TGV can be dangerous…even lethal in high doses. But the skinned root extract is safe. That’s where the Celastrol is.4 The most common adverse reaction from taking it is diarrhea.5 There’s just one problem…

The FDA refuses to regulate TGV.

Instead they force you to try your luck—and risk your health—looking for a safe import from China. And let’s face it… Access to quality TGV would mean less money spent on rheumatoid arthritis treatment—and after this study, perhaps weight loss surgery.

Just don’t be surprised in a few years when Big Pharma charges top dollar for a weight loss drug that mimics natural Celastrol.

For now, you can turn to black licorice extract for natural weight loss support. Adding MCT oil is another way to help jump start your weight loss efforts without dieting.

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