Your doctor’s conventional drugs for sinus infections cause too many side effects. Use this natural alternative to get relief fast—and without the dangers.

The Sweet Solution for Fighting Sinus Infections

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When it comes to sinus infections, conventional treatments are anything but harmless.

Decongestants can aggravate nasal swelling, cause anxiety, and get in the way of restful sleep.1 Steroidal nasal sprays often cause nasal dryness and nosebleeds. Then there are antibiotics…

These can cause diarrhea in about 20% of people.2 That’s because they wreck your bowel flora. This can cause more than discomfort and embarrassment. It can also lead to colorectal cancer.

Allergy pills aren’t any better. Taking them can cause drowsiness, dizziness, blurred vision, nausea, and vomiting.

Obviously people with chronic sinus infections have it the worst. Their doctors often direct them to take a mixture of these drugs.3

But the solution, surprisingly, may already exist in your own body. You produce about 15 grams of this carbohydrate each day.4 You’ll also find it in many fruits and vegetables.

It can prevent harmful bacteria from clinging to your sinuses.5 And bacteria can’t cause an infection if they can’t find a home. A study conducted at the University of Michigan Health System helped prove this point. It revealed this special carb kept up to 85% of B. cepacia from binding to mucous linings.6

What’s this natural solution for sinus relief?


And it isn’t just effective at preventing sinus infections. It can also treat existing ones.

Dr. Joshua Weissman studied the effects of xylitol on chronic sinus infections. He’s a practicing ear, nose, and throat specialist. His study revealed subjects using a xylitol nasal rinse saw relief in just 10 days.7 But that’s not the only evidence…

Researchers in Turkey tested xylitol nasal spray, saline, and a decongestant on subjects. They each had blocked nasal passages and swollen mucous membranes at the start of the trial.8After five days, the xylitol and decongestant groups had less congestion. But using xylitol won’t cause side effects—unlike a decongestant.9

Xylitol is safe for kids and adults. Just don’t let your pets get a hold of it… Like chocolate, xylitol is toxic to dogs.10

Using xylitol is a simple, natural solution for easing sinus infections. That’s good news for the 31 million Americans who get one each year.11 And here’s another tip… Look for a xylitol nasal spray with grapefruit seed extract in it. This natural antibacterial may further aid in fighting off sinus infections.12

You can find non-GM sprays in health stores and online. Some companies even offer BPA-free spray bottles… So you can breathe even easier.

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