They’re not a food you might come across often. But eating them may help you recover after a workout…and help take the stress off your joints.

Exotic Seafood Slashes Inflammation 63%

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It’s true. Green-lipped mussels are fishy and rubbery. But a new study might have you thinking twice about passing them up…

Researchers found their oil gives them major performance-boosting power. That’s because it’s loaded with omega-3 fatty acids.

Health Watch readers know eating these lipids defends against activity-induced inflammation.1 Studies show it supports strong bones, joints, and lungs.2 But the latest research reveals it also enhances your body’s ability to recover after physical activity. And that’s not all…

An Indiana University study tested the effects of green-lipped mussels on a group of men. None of them were athletes. Half took 1,200 mg of mussel oil every day for about a month before exercising. The other half got a placebo.

Subjects had their inflammation levels checked right after they finished working out. And then again a few days later.

Men who took the mussel oil had 63% less inflammation.3 They weren’t as sore or fatigued either. Their knees felt better too.4

Adding these mussels to your diet is an easy way to fight inflammation…and keep your body working at its best. But for the most pro-recovery power, you might want to supplement instead…

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