A cup of this can reduce uterine cancer risks by 13%. But don’t stop at one. New research suggest drinking more of it can slash your risk in nearly half.

The Most Important Beverage Women Need to Drink

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It could be one of the easiest things you ever do to prevent cancer… We recently told you drinking this helps cut your melanoma risk by 20%.1 It also slashes your risk of developing throat cancer in half.2 No surprise this drink is making headlines again. And ladies, you’ll want to listen up…

Drinking coffee might help reduce your risk of getting uterine cancer by up to 49%.3

One cup a day lessens your risk by as much as 13%. But the real benefit comes from drinking a few cups. Another study found up to four servings of it reduced uterine cancer risk by 19%.4 And each cup led to an additional 7% drop.

Coffee is full of antioxidants… One serving has more of them than almost any other food.5 They stop free radicals from causing inflammation. Health Watch readers know how dangerous they are… These compounds are the silent cause behind health threats like heart disease, anxiety, and cancer. But antioxidants kill them. It’s why drinking coffee has an anti-cancer effect.

Another surprising benefit of drinking coffee is that it helps balance women’s hormones… It keeps their estrogen and insulin levels under control. This is important. These hormones play a key role in uterine cancer development. If they aren’t in balance, your risk goes up.

And coffee may help control yet another risk factor for uterine cancer… Obesity.

Overweight women are twice as likely to develop this cancer. That’s bad enough. But women who are obese have triple the risk. That’s because fat tissue affects estrogen and insulin levels. But even so, overweight coffee drinkers still had a lower risk of developing uterine cancer than normal weight participants who didn’t drink it.6

About 55,000 women will develop endometrial cancer this year. And it will kill about a fifth. Starting your day with a cup of organic coffee—without the sugar or milk—isn’t a bad idea. But it’s not the only natural way to avoid cancer…

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