Don’t let the headlines fool you… This “medicine” is dangerous. And it’s far from the best—or safest—way to help lower your risk for facing cancer.

This Deadly “Heart Drug” Won’t Stop Cancer

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We’ve heard some questionable claims about aspirin before. You’d think that being one of the most popular—and profitable—drugs on the planet would be enough for Big Pharma. It makes Bayer billions of dollars in annual profits. And it’s no surprise… We consume about 40,000 tons of it each year.1

People don’t just use it to stop a headache. The medical propaganda around aspirin is unlike almost any other drug out there.

First they said it would help save you from a heart attack… But we told you why that’s not the case. In fact, they’ll only make things worse. They may raise your death risk by 55% if you have a history of heart problems.2

Recently, it looked as though the FDA was finally taking a stand to protect your heart. They shut down Bayer’s request to put language about aspirin preventing heart attacks right on the bottle.3

But not so fast…

Just after that, Bayer put a new spin on their product. Their angle? The risks of long-term use don’t outweigh its potentially “life-saving benefits” when it comes to cancer.

You might’ve seen the headlines for yourself already. They claim that aspirin use reduces ovarian cancer risk by 20%…4 That it may cut breast cancer recurrence in half…5 And if you stop reading there it sounds like it could help save your life. But that could be a deadly mistake.

Britton Trabert, a co-author of the ovarian cancer study said his findings should not influence clinical practice. He says, “However intriguing our results are, they should not influence the current clinical practice. Additional studies are needed to explore the delicate balance of risk-benefit.”6

Researchers in the breast cancer study revealed why aspirin may offer anti-cancer benefits. According to Dr. Linda deGraffenried, “Our studies suggest that limiting inflammatory signaling may be an effective, less toxic approach to altering the cancer-promoting effects of obesity and improving patient response to hormone therapy.”7

In other words, it’s not that aspirin is the hero… It’s reducing inflammation that has powerful cancer-fighting effects. And there are safer and natural ways to lower it… Even fight pain and headaches. Without aspirin.

The first step is to stop eating grains and sugar. Processed foods should be at the top of your list of foods to avoid. These cause inflammation that puts your health in danger. They may even weaken your immune system from greater threats.

Adding krill oil is another way to do it. It’s a potent source of omega-3 fatty acids. Research shows it can reduce inflammation by up to 20% in just one week.8

5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) is a natural anti-inflammatory that can help beat headaches and migraines. Better yet, it can actually keep them from returning.

These are just some of the natural alternatives to aspirin… And remember, aspirin is just one drug you need to worry about your doctor trying to push on you.

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