It’s a diet you won’t hear about in the mainstream… They think it’s doomed to fail. But the truth is that it may help reduce—even do away with—epileptic seizures.

Your Secret Weapon for Stopping Seizures

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You know that eating a high-fat diet does more than just help you maintain your health. It may help you fight off disease.

And new research proves it—yet again.

A team of experts at the Mid-Atlantic Epilepsy and Sleep Center examined the role of diet in epilepsy. It’s a chronic condition that causes frequent seizures. And it’s more common than you might think—about 2.3 million adults and half a million children suffer from it.

The problem is that about 35% of people see no benefit from the medications their doctors prescribe.1 Not to mention the fact that these drugs come with side effects. These include blurry or double vision, vertigo, liver damage, and hair loss.2 But researchers found that changing your diet can put medications to shame…

They found that 32% of subjects following this diet saw at least a 50% decrease in seizure frequency. That itself is an impressive number. Even better? Some 10% of subjects had a 90% reduction.

But get this…

The authors say that this diet is a last resort. They want you to try every other option—and medication—out there first.3 It doesn’t surprise us…especially when you consider that one of them is a speaker for one of Big Pharma’s biggest players.4

But the numbers don’t lie. Following this style of diet may help all but eliminate this devastating seizure disorder.5

We’re talking about a ketogenic diet.

The reason they don’t recommend it is that the diet has a poor retention rate. About 51% of people who started the diet dropped out before the study ended. It’s true that a ketogenic diet is hard to follow at first…

The basic idea is that you put a strict limit on carbs. No grains. No sugars. Definitely no processed foods. This results in your body switching its main energy source from glucose—the sugar from carbs—to ketones. This is the fuel your liver produces to feed your cells.

But if you have certain conditions, it sure seems worth the effort. Following a Ketogenic diet can help reduce—even eliminate seizures. But it can also help control blood sugar…and reduce your stroke risk by over 30%. In fact, it may be the diet that can kill off cancer.

Eating high amounts of healthy fats makes it work even better.

In fact, one of the biggest mistakes you can make on this diet is to not eat enough fat. Things like organic avocado, coconut, and olive oils help keep you feeling full and satisfied…even lower blood pressure.6 They also help boost energy levels—another major obstacle for any dieter.

You can start today by losing the grains and sugars—and replacing them with leafy green vegetables. And don’t forget to ditch the processed foods in exchange for fresh ones.

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