Type 2 diabetes is on the rise… Your doctor may not know how to treat it without a prescription. But depending on your age and the severity of your disease, you may be better off not treating it at all.

What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Diabetes…

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Over 30 million Americans have diabetes. But even more frightening? About 90 million more over the age of 20 are pre-diabetic.

This is a major health crisis. Having diabetes isn’t just an inconvenience. It puts you at risk for heart problems, blindness, kidney disease, and amputations.1 The myth pushed by doctors is that the disease is more manageable than it used to be. They say people are living normal—longer—lives because of the drugs available to them. But here’s the thing…

Big Pharma’s “solutions” may do more damage to your body than the disease itself.

A team of researchers in Michigan and London examined the treatment burden versus the benefits of diabetes drugs. They looked at 5,102 patients in the U.K. with type 2 diabetes. These subjects “controlled” their diabetes with either insulin pills or injections. After 20 years, the team measured quality of life against protection from health complications.2

They found that depending on your age, these medications may not offer any benefit at all. In fact, you could be worse off if you take them. It all comes down to hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) levels.

The higher your blood sugar, the higher your HbA1c will be. If you’re diabetic, it means having a 6.5% concentration or higher. This is the point where your doctor will start pushing medications on you. But this study shows that treating someone with HbA1c levels lower than 9% offers more burden than benefit…especially in patients over 50 years-old.3

Having to take insulin shots ruins plans. Your schedule revolves around them. Then there’s metformin. Doctors say this drug is more convenient than shots. But it’s dangerous. It can wreck your thyroid.4 Taking it may also cause numbness and trouble breathing.5 Don’t take the risk. Turn to natural solutions instead.

Simple lifestyle changes alone can help lower your diabetes risk. They may even help you manage the disease if you already have it. Try adding more leafy green vegetables to your diet in place of grains. Make the switch to—or start—a high-intensity exercise program. But there’s an even more powerful natural solution at your disposal…

Get rid of sugar.

Our president, Angela Salerno, is taking on the challenge of conquering sugar.

She’s going 30 full days without it. But she’s not stopping there. She’s also getting rid of artificial sweeteners and products with added sugar.

You can follow her every step of the way—even join yourself—to see how kicking sugar and its imitators to the curb can have a major effect on your health.

Learn more about our 30-day sugar challenge—and how to get involved—HERE.

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