Breast cancer is devastating… But you’re more in control of your risk than you think. Here are five easy fixes for lowering your breast cancer risk.

Five Easy Fixes for Lowering Breast Cancer Risk

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Breast cancer is something that affects every woman in some way—whether they develop it themselves or not. And the numbers are on the rise. It’s important to have awareness… But it’s even more important to be informed and proactive.

Here are five easy ways to lower breast cancer risk:

1. Minimize Chemical Exposure: Toxins bombard your body every day. And you won’t even know it. Many of them raise your risk for breast cancer. Things like acrylamide in tobacco smoke and aromatic amines in hair dyes. Then there are polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in air pollution and car exhaust.

One study found that exposure to these compounds makes women up to 142% more likely to develop breast cancer.1 It may be impossible to avoid these entirely… But switching to low temperature cooking and staying away from air pollution is a good start.

2. Avoid Antidepressants: Forget the side effects you already know about. On top of those dangers, every pill you take could be raising your breast cancer risk. That’s because SSRIs—like paroxetine—create a flood of fake estrogen in your body. And when you consider that 70% of breast cancers are sensitive to estrogen, you see how dangerous this can get…

To make matters worse, depression is a side effect of Big Pharma’s toxic cancer drugs. So women getting conventional treatments could be feeding their cancer at the same time if they use an SSRI. It’s a combination that could make you over 90% less likely to survive your battle with cancer.2 Skip these drugs and use safe, natural antidepressants instead.

3. Add Lycopene:  Adiponectin is a critical hormone for protecting against breast cancer. Not having enough raises breast cancer risk by almost 20%. But eating lycopene is one of the easiest ways to increase your levels. A diet rich in tomatoes may help you raise adiponectin by as much as 13% in about 10 weeks. And even more good news? It only takes about a single cup of fresh tomato juice a day to get the amount of lycopene you need to see benefits.

Just make sure to avoid the stuff that comes in a jar or can. Most of it is full of sugar that raises inflammation—and your likelihood of facing cancer. Use fresh, organic tomatoes to make your own juice. You can also add tomato to your green smoothie or salad for an extra lycopene boost.

4. Get More D3: You already know that D3 can help lower your overall cancer risk by 15%.3 But studies show this vitamin can lower breast cancer risk by over 50%. That’s because it helps breast tissue cells divide properly. These tissues even have receptors that actively look for D3.

You can find a natural vitamin D3 supplement in most health food stores and online. Look for one that gives you at least 1,000 IU per serving. You can also add wild-caught salmon to your diet to get even more of it each day.

5. Embrace Healthy Fats: Speaking of wild-caught salmon, its healthy fats are another way to help keep breast cancer at bay. Research shows the omega-3 fatty acids you get from eating just two portions of fish a week can lower risk by 14%. Adding more fish to your diet may lead to even better results. But you’ll get the most benefit from oily, cold-water fish.

It’s no surprise that salmon is your best choice. But you can throw in wild-caught tuna every now and then too. Just remember it’s a high-mercury fish. Too much of it may actually erase the anti-cancer benefits of the omega-3 fatty acids over time.

Breast cancer may be on the rise… But you have the power to prevent it. Don’t rely on pink ribbons to make a difference. Be proactive. Help us spread this information to the women you care about.

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