Don’t spend more time in the gym than you need to… New research reveals just 10 minutes of exercise a day may save your heart—and help extend your life.

10 Minutes to a Healthier Heart—and Longer Life

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It doesn’t matter how busy you are. Everyone can spare 10 minutes of their day…especially if it may help you live longer. And that’s just what this natural solution may help you do.

D.C. Lee is an assistant professor of kinesiology at Iowa State. He led a team of researchers that looked at data from over 55,000 adults. And it was a diverse group to say the least. Subjects were between 18 and 100 years-old.

Mr. Lee and his team found that people in one subgroup were 45% less likely to die from heart complications. In fact, they were 30% less likely to die in general.1 And they all had one thing in common…

They were all runners.

On average they lived three years longer than non-runners. But that’s not the only good news researchers revealed. They also found that the benefits were the same regardless of how many hours subjects ran in a week.2

People who ran for just 10 minutes a day—even at slower speeds—reduced their risk of death from heart complications by 50% compared to non-runners.3 That’s an extra 5% higher than the average for all runners. And some subjects ran for three hours—or more—a week.

It makes sense. Health Watch readers know that too much exercise can actually be bad for your heart. It may actually increase your risk of having a stroke. It’s not about time or distance… It’s about the amount of effort you put into a workout. But where we don’t see eye-to-eye with these results is the subject of intensity. Turning it up may be a way to get even better results…

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) stresses maximal work in minimal time. Most HIIT workouts take around 10–15 minutes. And that’s with warming up.

The idea is to sprint until you can’t and then walk until you get your wind back… Then repeat the process. Your goal should be to sprint for 30-60 seconds and then be ready to go again within 60-120 seconds.

Studies show that two weeks of HIIT training raises VO2max—aerobic capacity—by as much as two months’ worth of endurance training.4 VO2max may also be the best predictor of survival in people with heart problems. But exercise isn’t the only way to help keep your heart in top shape…

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