Don’t believe the bad press about niacin. The new study is misleading. And mainstream news got it wrong. Here’s the truth about niacin and your heart health.

What Big Pharma Won’t Tell You About Niacin

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New research suggests that a natural substance you may already be using to support your heart may be ineffective. It could even be deadly… According to Big Pharma, at least.

The vitamin in question is B3. You probably know it as niacin.

We’ve told you before that it can help fight inflammation. It may even help keep colorectal cancer from developing. But a study in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests that taking niacin for heart health could be dangerous. It could raise your risk of dying by 9%.

Researchers studied 25,673 subjects with vascular disease. They all took two grams of extended release niacin.

After almost four years, niacin didn’t have a significant effect. To make matters even worse, it came with serious side effects. They included risk of bleeding, infection, and diabetes. But despite what the headlines say, that’s not all you need to know about niacin.

Previous studies show that niacin is an effective way to help protect your heart… Just not the form of it they used in this particular study.

One of these studies found that immediate release—not extended release—niacin promotes vasodilation. This helps increase circulation and can help lower your blood pressure.1

Another study found that this form of niacin increased the amount of subjects’ large, fluffy LDL cholesterol particles by 74% in 12 weeks. And it did this while lowering the amount of small, dense particles by 35%.2 As a Health Watch reader, you already know that particle size—not amount of particles—may be more important for preventing damage to your heart. And it’s the bigger, fluffier particles you want.

To most experts, this new study changes what we know about niacin and heart support. But if you look a little deeper, the answer is not that simple. There are a few things about this study that don’t sit well with us.

First of all, the subjects in this study were all statin users.3

They may be the deadliest prescription heart drugs on the market. We’ve told you before that they could even increase your risk for heart problems.

It’s possible that the people in this study had already been doing major damage to their health for years by using statins. And they continued to use them during the study. This means statins—not just niacin—may also be to blame for the adverse outcomes… Like death. It also doesn’t help matters that niacin can intensify the risks of taking cholesterol drugs… Like statins.4 And speaking of niacin…

They used a whole lot of niacin on these subjects every day… About four times the amount you’ll find in most natural supplements. But the niacin in this study wasn’t even the natural form. It was a synthetic niacin drug. That’s not something we recommend you take in the first place…

Least of all an over-dosed prescription version made by Merck & Co.5 They’re the Big Pharma company that paid for the study. But in addition to fake niacin, they also make statin drugs. The study was a win-win situation for them from the start.

If their niacin drug came up short, then their statins are the answer. This is the scenario that played out. It even has some doctors harping on the benefits and safety of statins while bashing niacin as dangerous.6 But if niacin did have outstanding success, it could’ve been something to upsell with their statins.

Niacin isn’t the problem. It never was. It may help reduce your risk for a heart event by over 30%.7 Just don’t rely on Big Pharma’s version of it to care for your heart.

The best way to experience the inflammation-fighting and heart-supporting benefits of niacin is through your diet. Foods like grass-fed beef liver, pastured chicken, and wild-caught salmon are great sources. But niacin isn’t the only way to support a healthy heart…

We’ve got something really special in the works… It may change the way you care for your heart. We can’t wait to tell you more about this groundbreaking supplement—and we will soon. But for now, there are other steps you can be taking—ones that put Big Pharma’s heart “solutions” to shame…

Some brave doctors are finally telling the truth about what really causes—and treats—heart disease. Like the natural supplement a Mayo Clinic professor prescribes to all his heart patients…and the nutrient from fruit that may help lower cholesterol safer than a popular prescription drug.

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