This Pungent Compound Fights Gastric Cancer

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It causes the death of cancer cells and stops them from spreading. It helps to lower the inflammation that can cause cancer in the first place. But there’s something that makes it really stand out…

Instead of killing cancerous cells directly, it sends signals to your immune system to turn on its natural cancer-fighting weapons. These signals stop the production and spread of new cancer cells. They also help to kill cancer cells that already exist.1 

The problem with mainstream cancer treatment is that it kills your normal, healthy cells too. Chemotherapy can’t tell the difference between cells. It destroys everything.2 This, on the other hand, protects and preserves your normal cells. And Big Pharma knows it. That’s why they want to turn it into a drug. They want to sell it to you—badly.

The problem is they can’t get the synthetic version to work as effectively. That’s because your blood has a hard time absorbing the fake knockoff of this natural compound.3

This compound cuts your risk of gastric cancer more than 50 percent by intelligently selecting its targets.4

This doesn’t surprise us. Synthetic drugs don’t come close to working as well as natural solutions.

This compound cuts your risk of gastric cancer more than 50 percent by intelligently selecting its targets.4

Kaempferol is an antioxidant found in certain vegetables. It works by supporting other antioxidants’ abilities to reduce inflammation and fight free radical damage. This prevents cancer from growing and spreading in your body.

It’s no surprise that Big Pharma wants to profit off this compound by making it the star of yet another drug. The best way to get more kaempferol in your diet is to eat more allium vegetables. These include garlic, leeks, and onions. Broccoli, spinach, and green tea are good sources, too. They help naturally protect you from gastric cancer and other diseases.5  We recommend lightly steaming these foods to better absorb their nutrients.

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  1. I’ve been taking garlic a day not knowing there is good benefit to it. The reason I’m taking garlic a day its because I believe that will help me from my bodypain as a farmer. Thanks to this more info.

  2. thanks I will do your instruction,

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