Heart disease is the primary cause of death for men and women in the United States. But these natural compounds slash your risk for heart disease by 60 percent.

Cut Heart Disease Risk by 60 Percent With This Polyphenol

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When it comes to antioxidants, polyphenols are the most abundant type. That’s great news for your heart…

People who eat higher amounts reduce their risk for heart disease by 46 percent. But a certain kind of polyphenol is stronger than the others.  Eating it lowers your risk for heart disease by as much as 60 percent.1

Flavonols form in the skin and leaves of some foods. The more sunlight your food gets, the richer in flavonols it will be.2

Women who get the most flavonols from their diets are over 70 percent less likely to die from atherosclerosis. It’s the plaque buildup in your arteries that also leads to CVD.5

Like other polyphenols, they fight oxidative stress in your body. They also lower the inflammation that triples your risk for heart disease. But they do more than that.

Flavonols keep lipid levels and blood pressure in check. They relax blood vessels and improve blood flow directly to your heart.1 Not every antioxidant can do that.

So where’s the best place to find them?

Not surprisingly, some of our favorite foods for improving your health are also high in flavonols. Kale, yellow onion, broccoli, and green tea are rich in these compounds.4 Raw cacao is another great choice.

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) kills one out of every four Americans. The worst part is that it’s not all that hard to prevent. Flavonols cut your risk for CVD by more than half. Eating a diet rich in these compounds will help keep your heart free of disease for years to come.

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