You don’t have to struggle to keep your blood pressure under control. This tropical flower is nature’s secret to fighting hypertension in as little as a month.

This Tangy Tea Lowers Blood Pressure

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High blood pressure is one of the most common—but deadly—medical conditions in America. Fortunately, it’s also one of the easiest to treat. Well, naturally anyway.

Like this vibrantly colored flower from the tropics… Cultures around the world use it to keep blood pressure in check. Most of the time, it’s blended into herbal teas. So you may not even know you’re drinking it.

Known for its tart, almost sour taste, this ruby-colored flower can lower your systolic (top number) blood pressure almost 20 points in just four weeks—without side effects.1

Hibiscus is rich in antioxidants like anthocyanin. That’s where it gets its beautiful bright color. But it’s also what makes it so effective at lowering your blood pressure.

Having trouble falling asleep? You can use hibiscus in combination with lemon balm and St. John’s Wort for occasional sleeplessness. A cup of this tea before bed may help you fall asleep while it keeps your blood pressure in check.

Not only does it dramatically lower your top blood pressure number, hibiscus tea reduces your bottom (diastolic) number too. A study showed you can lower it by 50 percent. And it only took a month.2

In fact, the tea is just as effective as conventional blood pressure medications.

A study conducted in Mexico showed that drinking one serving of hibiscus tea before breakfast was just as effective as taking captopril—a popular blood pressure drug—twice a day. Both reduced systolic blood pressure by 15 points. And like the other studies, results were seen quickly.

It begs the question… Why go through the trouble—and risk—of taking a prescription drug when a tasty tea works just as well? Honestly, we have no idea. You can find hibiscus as a tea by itself or blended with other herbs. But taking the extract is just as effective. You can find both at health food stores and online.

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