Don’t let your doctors or the AHA tell you any differently. Statins are deadly! Avoid their risks and protect your heart with this natural solution instead.

Nature’s Safe Solution to Statins

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We’ve been talking a lot about statins lately. We know. But really, we can’t talk enough about them.

Big Pharma wants you to think that statins are the only way to prevent a heart event. And now, with the new wildly inaccurate AHA guidelines, even more people who don’t need these dangerous meds are going to get them anyway.

Statins increase calcification in your arteries and rob your heart of the very nutrient that keeps it going strong—coenzyme Q10. They come with over 600 adverse side effects.1 It sounds like an episode of the Twilight Zone.

There are safer ways to take care of your heart naturally. New research shows that eating one food is a better way to prevent heart events than relying on a statin drug.

You know that old cliché about apples. But it turns out that it’s more than just a saying.

A study out of the United Kingdom found that if every person over the age of 50 ate just one apple each day, it could prevent about 8,500 deaths annually in the UK alone.2

If you aren’t impressed by those numbers, keep in mind that we’re talking about eating one simple apple a day. How hard is that?

Obviously, apples don’t come with the risks of statins. But they do the same thing that Big Pharma says statin drugs do. You can easily eat more than one a day to see even better results. But try doubling your dosage of statins and the results could be deadly.

So what is it exactly that makes apples so vital to a healthy heart?

Apples contain a flavonoid called rutin. It can prevent both arterial and venous clots that can cause major problems for your heart. And rutin does even more to protect you. Eating an apple a day for four weeks can also lower your LDL cholesterol by up to 40 percent.3 This is a sure way to lower inflammation and prevent heart disease.

If you want the best results possible, choose your apple wisely. Unfortunately the caramel and candy varieties don’t count. An Australian study tested 25 different varieties of apple to find which had the highest amount of flavonoids. Researchers found that Cripps Pink apples, also known as Pink Lady apples, had the most. Most of the flavonoids are in the skin so make sure you buy organic and eat the peel too.4

The UK study is a huge wakeup call for supporters of statins. It shows that you have the power to prevent heart disease by adding one small piece of fruit to your diet every day. This will help keep you from ever being considered for a statin drug in the first place by lowering your blood pressure and cholesterol.

Apples are just one of many natural, safe, and effective ways to protect your heart. Get the scoop on the real, natural solution that one cardiologist credits with restoring heart health to almost every single one of his patients. If you want to protect your heart, we urge you to learn more now.

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