Forget about fluoride. A compound in this surprising dessert is way more effective and far less dangerous.

Can This Sweet Treat Save Your Teeth?

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You already know that fluoride is bad for your health.

It can cause reproductive harm and lower IQ. It can also do some major damage to your thyroid.1

Worst of all? Fluoride doesn’t actually do anything to make your teeth stronger. In fact, it can damage your bones. Unlike this natural solution…

It fuels your brain, protects your heart, and reduces inflammation. It’s also a great way to lower cortisol levels and stay stress-free.

It turns out that this decadent snack contains a natural compound that may save your teeth from decay. It may also keep them hard and strong. Yet your dentist would surely tell you to avoid it…

Is he right? Well, yes and no. Let us explain…

We’re talking about chocolate. But don’t start brushing your teeth with it just yet. It’s the flavonoid found in cacao extract, theobromine, you want.

It is close to caffeine in its structure. Unlike caffeine, it can support bone and tooth health.

The darker the chocolate, the more theobromine there is in it.2 This may be part of the reason why eating dark chocolate is actually good for you.

One study from Tulane University shows just how strong this compound really is. Researchers found that teeth treated with theobromine lose about 10 percent less calcium than teeth treated with fluoride when exposed to acids.3

The same researchers also discovered that treating teeth with theobromine hardened enamel better than fluoride.

Fluoride supporters say it protects your teeth by strengthening enamel. But while theobromine is 142 times less concentrated than fluoride, it’s twice as powerful.4

Bottom line: No matter where you fall in the fluoride debate, you can’t deny that this compound is safer and more effective at protecting.

This doesn’t mean you should start chowing down on chocolate in order to save your smile. Even though cacao contains theobromine, eating it is not the same as brushing your teeth with it. Not to mention, most chocolate you get from the store is loaded with sugar—which is most definitely not good for your teeth.

Several natural toothpastes use theobromine as an active ingredient. They can be found in most health food stores or online. Most are available in traditional mint varieties. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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