New research shows that the natural compounds in this plant may be the answer to beating cancer for good.

This Tea Kills Cancer Cells

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Cancer cells don’t play by the same rules as normal cells. Healthy cells do their job and die. But not cancer cells. Instead, they have the power to keep on living. And chemo does nothing to stop it.

But there are natural compounds that do. And unlike chemo, they leave healthy cells completely unharmed while working quickly to make cancer cells die when they’re supposed to.

In fact, some of these powerful compounds are probably sitting in your cupboard right now. One common tea in particular strips cancer cells of their ability to keep surviving. It transforms abnormal cells back into normal ones. The result? They die and stop spreading.

It’s one of the most popular teas on the planet. People drink it to relax and treat insomnia. But it does way more than help put you to sleep. It helps repair damaged molecules that carry our genetic information. That damage is the cause of nearly 80 percent of cancers.1

Adding more of this tea to your diet may be the most relaxing way to prevent cancer.

We’re talking about chamomile tea.

It has a substance in it called apigenin. This flavonoid binds to about 160 different proteins in the human body. The average chemo drug has trouble targeting just one damaged protein at a time.2

And its cancer-zapping powers don’t end there. A Japanese study points to a different substance in chamomile that can actually cause cancer cells to kill themselves.

Called bisabolol oxide A (BSBO), this powerful compound gives chamomile its anti-inflammatory properties. Researchers found that it causes cancerous cells to shrink…within just 24 hours.3

These compounds don’t have side effects or risks as long as you get them from natural sources. The easiest place to find them both is chamomile tea. Just make sure to look for a quality organic tea and not processed junk from one of the big brands.

You can also buy chamomile extract in most health food stores and online. It comes in both pill and liquid form.

If you want to up your intake of apigenin even more, eat celery, parsley, and artichokes. They’re also good sources.

Chamomile tea already has established health benefits like reducing inflammation, stress, and insomnia. The new research showing its potent cancer-fighting abilities should inspire you to make a cup of chamomile part of your daily ritual.

P.S. According to one report, when a leading doctor at the Sloan‐Kettering Cancer Center found out that he had advanced‐stage cancer, he told his colleagues, “Do anything you want—but no chemotherapy!” Not surprising. Doctor’s know better than anyone how devastating chemo can be. So why aren’t more doctors using THIS alternative, Nobel Prize winner-studied, natural treatment instead? A study on people who received it for cancer and other ailments noted that “the results have been spectacular; the only side effect is ‘chronic good health.’”

Go HERE to find out all the details including how the mainstream almost killed one of the greatest cancer discoveries in history.

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  1. Very interesting article. I have shared with my wife who has her second primary cancer in 2 years. She is in lymphoma cancer remission after undergoing chemo Jan-Jun 2012. She is now undergoing chemo for lung cancer. Thanks for the information.

    1. Good Luck to your wife, Richard – there is a lot to be said for trying holistic and natural remedies, as well as the regular routines.

      Has she tried Lymphoma Yoga; just a suggestion.

      Healthy New Year to you both.

    2. Tell your wife to spend time on Elaine Cantin Facebook page and learn about diet and alternative treatments for cancer. There is a woman on there named Marie who started out with 6 tumors – is now down to 2 and has refused all traditional treatments. Please let your wife know there is another (and better) way. People perish for a lack of knowledge.

    3. I will be at the health store first thing tomorrow my husband is fighting stage 5 cancer i will try anything to help him live

      1. What brand and name did you buy? My husband had prostate cancer in 2008 and it’s back..probably in lymph nodes are bones…we will try anything…

          1. I would like to hear more from the person named Eddie about the cannabis oil and the black seed oil.

          2. Get your CBD oil from They have the best and use the German organic chamomile, less toxins. I’m a stage 4, 6 year survivor and I also use Black seed oil among a host of other things. has tons of info.

    4. God bless you all, i understand what you all are going thru i also have secondary cancer breast to bone, these websites are very helpful.

  2. Thanks for the info about the tea,,DEF will try it,,Just had breast cancer and DONT want to have a reacurrance!!!

    1. Me too. I just finished off chemo and surgeries, and now they want me on Arimidex. I would rather drink chamomile tea lol

  3. I was excited about the link on how to remove brown spots because it said it was safe with no harmful ingredients, but when I read the list of ingredients, the list had mineral oil, ascorbic acid, glycol and fragrance. Any time fragrance is listed without giving the ingredients, that’s a red flag. Mineral oil slows growth of skin cells,traps toxins, waste and excess oils, not allowing skin to breathe. It is also contaminated with 1,4 Dioxane. Glycols is a known carcinogen. Ascorbic acid comes from one or more of the top GMO sources unless it is organic and it wasn’t listed as organic. I’m not pleased at all with you listing this as safe.

  4. How rediculous your article can be?

    There are hundreds of different cancers and different pathophysiology and etiology and here you are talking about ‘cancer’ and ‘chemo’ in general!

    And natural compounds just like any other ‘compound’ have the potential to harm and cause side effects like liver failure, kidney failure, heart attacks.

    You will have to do a randomised human clinical trial to come to any conclusion regarding effectiveness of the tea. Wonder if you have any idea how much effort, money and time it takes to get an effective compound as a chemotherapy drug into the market just to ensure safety of it so that nobody gets harmed? Atleast 10 years and millions of dollars and sincere effort of highly trained and smart physicians and scientists across the world.
    Perhaps this tea works, it is a possibility but how do we know until it’s proven in a scientific way?

    Good luck!

    1. Julie,
      there is nothing safe about chemotherapy. It is highly toxic and with cure rates for things like lung cancer at about 20%, one thing is certain, it makes 100% of patients very sick and greatly harms their immune system. Chemo is monkey-medicine at it’s finest and radiation is new cancer waiting to happen in 20 to 30 years, guaranteed.

    2. Julie
      Chemotherapy and Rdoitherapy is not effective treatment Chemo has only 3-4 % percent success rate.cancer has better and safe cure but these cures HIGHLY kept limited and hidden form public.The fact is that these natural treatment really works better than conventional treatment because i have sow the effectiveness of them.

  5. I love chamomile tea and now I know why. With all the healing powers, it’s just the right way to live. The more natural your intake, the better you feel in your life!!!

  6. I hope this is not just a come on Some people will try to rid themselves of the cancer that chemo doesn’t help. They want to believe your claims. Please say its really true….and the chances are possible with chemo and these claims.

  7. Vince, I agree that chemo is toxic, the physicians tell you that. But saying that tea is a miracle cure is nonsense and saying chemotherapy is monkey medicine is just as ridiculous. We would all prefer more natural ways but the results just aren’t there. Modern medicine does a lot of good just as eating healthy and exercising can be preventative. But please stop making these swearing generalizations because you did some research on the internet. I have personally experienced the good that allopathic physicians can do.

  8. Hi,
    I need immediately know that which foods are good for lymphoma cancer?

    1. Tumeric tea.

      1 tsp cinnamon
      pinch of clove
      pinch of nutmeg
      tsp fresh ginger (optional)
      pinch of fresh ground black pepper*
      As much turmeric as you can handle! Start with a teaspoon and go up from there.
      1-2 cups of water
      Raw honey to sweeten
      Milk sub of choice (I went with fresh coconut milk, but almond and hemp would both be delicious)

  9. My wife has small bowel cancer she has been treated for 20 months. Now the drs took her off all treament the cancer has spread to far. Now we have hospice pleas can any one try and give me advice to stop the cancer from spreading more.

    1. Hi there
      Sorry to hear that, I had bowel cancer in 2011 and am having scans this week as it may of come back.
      I have just changed my diet to homemade smoothies, made with fruits, vegs, almond milk and honey. All excellent for promoting good health and starving the cancer cells and feeding your wife.
      Flaxseed’s are thought to prevent the growth of cancer cells, they stop tumours from forming new blood vessels.
      BITTER apricot kernels are also proven to kill cancer cells.
      Also look up RICK SIMPSON on you tube, or just google him, he has a method of getting the THC from hemp seed’s, again this is proven to cure cancer, good luck to you both x

  10. My father has 3A lung cancer and lymph. They are treating it with chemo 1 per week and radiation daily. He developed a very sore throat trouble swallowing and chronic hiccups. They just keep giving him one medicine after another. He is listening to them because he does not know what else to do. He is very strong weight lifted until he was diagnosed two months ago. He is now 120 lbs. He does not drink water daily not enough anyway, he is not eating. They tell him eat lots of cake and ice cream. PLEASE HELP ME. I DON’T KNOW WHERE TO TURN. I heard too many sweets can actually be bad.

    1. Cyndi Araujo,

      You are right. Too many sweets are not good, because anything sweet or from white foods such as irish potatos, white rice, pasta, white bread, etc. which turns to sugar in the body, only serve to FEED cancer cells. Cancer cells thrive on sugar.

      While I’m sure it may taste better than other foods to a cancer patient and doctors don’t want their patients to waste away, sweets are not the answer.

  11. My 56 year old brother was diagonised inoperatable stage 3 pancratic cancer, started cemo and the next day and days after violently ill, does anyone kno if this tea can help any.. he is so nausea all the time. I keep searching to see what else is out there.

    1. lemon oil, or spring water with a fresh lemon squeezed in it thats what worked for me when i was on chemo.

  12. My Mother Nirmala Devi (53 Years) is suffering from Esophageal Cancer & under observation of Doctor. She is also having a tumor which is touching heart & liver & other organs. Will it help. She got fixed bypass pipe direct to abdomen & we are providing only juice. The tumor extending day by day. So please specify if any solution is there.

  13. HELLO Everyone, All thanks to Dr Al-Jamali from Dubai for providing remedy to my cancer, i don’t have much to say but with all my life i will for ever be grateful to him and God Almighty for using him to reach out to me when i thought it was all over, today am happy with my kids and family after the medical doctor confirmed that i am cancer free,i have never in my life believed that my cancer could be cured by any herbal medicine after many report from medical doctors. i want to use this medium to inform people out there with any type of cancer that Dr. Al-Jamali is available to treat all kinds of terminal diseases. Regards………

  14. Do you know what is cancer cause in the world?
    The aswer: poisoned water with nitrate-chloride-floride.
    poisond food with palm oil, chemical preservants….
    Why our foods and waters are deadly? because of “cancer industry”.
    illuminati and jews promoting such toxic condition and cancer, then selling toxic chemo drug with high profits.The answer is so simple!!!

  15. Well its good information, Musings have their own vitality, despite the fact that a great many people don’t understand it. That is the reason you have a tendency to be depleted on the off chance that you are around somebody who has a tendency to whine more often than not.
    Hematology Journal

  16. Hi my daughter had brain tumour. Which is removed by surgery. Had ceemo and radiotherapy. After few months its back snd removed by gemmakhife. Now its gone im to her bones and she is always in pain and having strong painkiller. Docs said only option is ceemo and radiotherapy. We not sure to have ceemo and radiotherapy.

  17. For those that don’t believe and want to put down All Natural remedies for Cancer…I Personally saw FIRST HAND what it can do. My Brother in law had an Extremely Rare Lung Cancer, So Rare that MDA flew him to NY to diagnose him and they couldnt!! Had never seen it. He came home to have another biopsy so they could do more research, but all the Surgeon found was A LOT of BROWN FATTY Tissue. He had been drinking 1 cup of Japanese Hurbal Tea Every Morning for the 2 months he was going through this ordeal. The Surgeon could not find ANY CANCER AT ALL. The TEA stated as the cancer dies it will sluff off as BROWN FATTY TISSUE ! The Dr’s were Shocked No Radiation or Chemo. ..16yrs free !!! Do NOT Put DOWN Some thing just because your Ignorant about the Subject !

  18. I presume the tea was a combination of green tea and chamomile

  19. Hi I have pain full breast multiple fibroadenoma and hyperplasia and PCOD problem. So when I drink chamomile tea my breast and muscle pain are 80 percent gone. But I feel it’s less my periods not sure. Can this safe for my breast lumps or not plz tell me

    1. Dear Fatima,

      Thank you for writing, but we cannot offer personal medical advice.

      Be well,
      INH Research Team

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