This natural compound brings plenty of flavor and aroma to the food it’s in. But it may also be the most powerful cancer fighter that nobody wants to talk about.

The Natural Cancer Killer Nobody Wants You to Know About

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You may not be a fan of fennel or like the taste of licorice. But after reading this, you may want to re-think that…

There’s a powerful phytonutrient in these foods that give them their distinct flavors and aromas.

But this compound does more than add smell and taste. It’s a potent inflammation fighter too. How powerful?

It can actually prevent cancer from forming in your body. And if you already have cancer, it is strong enough to stop it from spreading and getting worse.

It may even be powerful enough to kill it entirely.

We’re talking about anethole, the organic substance known for its antimicrobial and antifungal properties.1 Now research proves just how powerful it is at fighting cancer.

One study shows that anethole stops breast cancer cells from growing. Not only that. It also prevents these cells from surviving. In fact, the anethole can cause the breast cancer cells to kill themselves altogether in some cases.2 This means that at the very least it can slow the growth and spread of breast cancer.

Another study found that this compound effectively stops inflammation and even the development of cancer. It does this by fighting off cytokines known as tumor necrosis factors (TNF).3 TNF is believed to be a cause of chronic inflammation. Left untreated, this can lead to disease.4

Fennel is a good source of anethole. Though it may make for some strange flavors, you can add fennel to just about any food you eat. Don’t like the taste? Don’t worry. You can also find fennel seed extract as a supplement in most health food stores or online.

Another place to get anethole is from anise. Its sweet but strong licorice flavor makes it popular in bakery confections and in liquors all over the world. Like fennel, you can add this to food for flavor or get it as an extract.

No matter where you choose to get your anethole from, adding it to your diet is a good idea. It will help you ease chronic inflammation and may prevent dangerous TNF from forming cancer in your body.

And if you really want to be beat cancer, you cannot miss this.

According to one report, a leading doctor at the Sloan‐Kettering Cancer Center found out that he had advanced‐stage cancer.

But he immediately said to his colleagues, “Do anything you want—but no chemotherapy!”

That’s because doctors know better than anyone how devastating chemo can be. So why aren’t more doctors using this natural alternative, studied by a Nobel Prize winner?

Go HERE to find out all the details including how the mainstream nearly killed one of the greatest cancer discoveries of all time.

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  1. Where do I get the compound to kill cancer cells.Have a friend with 3rd stage breast cancer

  2. I have stage 4 esophageal gastro junction cancer and I had radiation and chemotherapy and I had HIPEC surgery at UMPC in Pittsburgh, PA that removed most of all omentum and tumors and bath chemo inside the abs cavity and I am in remission according to oncologist and pet scan however I am still in need eating health food and prevent cancer reoccurnce in the future. The doctor did not fix or repair my stomach or esophageal an said it cud spread and sow up anywhere from inside my body that we dont know. I m still learning many new thing about biochemistry from the body and the food to eat and etc which is so hard. Most important things is getting rid of any infectious disease or microbe inside of body and and immune system to fight against cancer and what do you think about immune therapy treatment? exercise and dep breath with oxygen that cancer cells hate oxygen. stop eat sugar and white flour product and fat foods and eat organic food which is so costly but worth to invest our body. it is the peritoneal cavity that was spread from espohageal and gastro junction cancer and i have adenocarcinoma and carcinogen are they both similar terms. so it spread to peritoneal cavity and aggressive cancer and the chemo seems to working this time to control the cancer and I hate chemo before i found out i had cancer i had no choice with stage 4 and start with chemo and eat healthy and think positive. I still dont know what the future will hold me or how long will I live. I have seen lots of people died fast with stomach and esophageal cancer which his very aggressive. any feedback. I was born deaf and pardon my language and i m just throwing like a brain storm into this message. Have a good and blessing day.

    1. Hi Tom,

      You have the right attitude so just keep on doing the ‘right’ thing for and by you and your health will fall into place. Believe! One moment and one day at a time!

      Bless you and wish you speedy recovery and you will! Believe!

  3. i am sorry; there is a single peer reviewed article demonstrating this efficacy of this compound in ttreating humn tumors

  4. My husband is stage 4 bladder cancer, he is a Vietnam veteran who was exposed to agent orange. The VA doctors didn’t want to waste the governments money, so the only thing they tells us you no you’re going to die, we will make you comfortable, no encouragement what so ever,if there is any help what so ever out their PLEASE HELP

    1. Go to this website and follow on from there: My husband had late stage 4 colon cancer when he was diagnosed, and the docs did not want to know. That was three and a half years ago. The docs cannot understand how he is not only still alive, but with no sign of cancer. Fortunately your husband appears to have avoided the lethal treatments of chemo and radiation.

  5. tumor necrosis factors (TNF) kills cancer cells !!!
    You want more tumor necrosis factors (TNF) !!!

  6. My husband, has stage 4, prostate cancer. His PSA, IS OVER 300, PLEASE, ANY HELP,AND WE WOULD BE GRATEFUL. Thank you!

  7. Thank you INH for printing my replies. There are so many people out there with hidden agendas who have no intention of actually giving any useful info at all. I am so glad you are not in that league. (Apologies for my very rude post to you, but someone has to tell the usual ****’s that we know what they are doing.) Very best wishes to everyone at INH for the New Year, and thank you for your amazingly informative site.

  8. I can say this. My brother has been fighting stage 4 colorectal cancer for 4 years now. He recently came home from the hospital with very little hope and the doctors had called in hospice to his home. I read this article and being that the only thing the doctors said they could do for him was control his pain I thought what the heck and I purchased 3 bottles of Fennel from the vitamin store. I at first started slipping it into his drinks or on his food but over the last 3-4 weeks the tumor on his side has shrunk down to almost being un-noticable and he has gone from bed ridden to he and I taking a trip to Lake Murray last weekend and he and I going Striper fishing! I’m not sure if its the prayers or the Fennel helping but I will say that I believe that its probably alot of both! He looks 100% better and almost has a brand new lease on life. This is a real post and if anyone has questions or needs any info on what has happened feel free to contact me. I’m a firm believer!

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