New research shows that on top of its already impressive benefits, eating just 7 extra grams of this nutrient each day can reduce your risk of stroke by 7 percent.

Lower Your Risk of Stroke by 7 Percent with 7 Grams of This

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Gram for gram, this macronutrient does more for your health than you would believe. It is effective at regulating blood sugar, weight, and metabolism. It is even shown to help prevent breast cancer.1

There are just a few problems…

For one, most people just aren’t getting enough. And there’s no way to really tell if you fall into that category. A deficiency in this compound can result in constipation and blood sugar spikes. Sound familiar? It should. These symptoms can be caused by a number of other factors.

Even worse, what little people do get of this nutrient comes from dangerous sources. And that’s really too bad…

Because on top of the benefits we already knew, the latest research shows that eating more of this essential food can greatly reduce your risk for stroke.

Researchers looked at data from multiple studies between 1990 and 2012. They discovered that for every 7 grams of this you eat per day; you can lower your risk of having a stroke by 7 percent.2 The more of it you eat, the lower your risk becomes.

So what is it that these researchers were looking at? And how could it possibly be “dangerous”?


The research does not point to a specific reason why fiber reduces the risk of stroke. But it does show which type of fiber is most effective at reducing risk.3 And that’s soluble fiber, the kind you find in nuts, flax seeds, fruits, and vegetables.

And though whole grains get praise for being a good source of fiber, we recommend that you skip them. The gluten in most grain products causes inflammation that will keep you from feeling or performing at your best. Plus it’s not even an efficient way of getting your fiber. There’s more fiber in artichokes, peas, raspberries, and blackberries than just about any grain.4

Eating more fiber comes with some extra benefits. The increase in absorption it causes will help you get the most nutrition possible out of your meals and keep your bowel movements smooth and regular.

And now we know that eating fiber lowers your risk of having a stroke. The more of it you eat, the better off you are. Just don’t eat too much of it too quickly. You may experience digestive troubles, especially if you aren’t already eating enough.

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