Here are 5 easy ways to protect your prostate naturally.

5 Simple Ways to Protect Your Prostate

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Gentleman, at least half of you reading this already have an enlarged prostate.

If you don’t remember what it’s like to get a good night’s sleep because you’re back and forth to the bathroom all night, you know who you are. But the problem goes much deeper than that…

If you ignore it, over time benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) can result in bladder and kidney problems. Even worse, it can lead to prostate cancer. Nearly 200,000 new cases are diagnosed each year.1

So whether you think you’re at risk or not, caring for your prostate should be a top priority. And with these 5 natural solutions that couldn’t be easier to do…

1. Garlic: This allium vegetable is in the same family as onions, chives, and leeks. Alliums decrease your risk of prostate cancer. Out of all of them, garlic gives you the best protection.

Eating these vegetables helps your decrease your risk of prostate cancer by 18 percent. If you eat garlic, you can reduce your risk by an additional 20 percent.2
Eating fresh, raw garlic is your best bet. But it’s definitely not for everybody. Roasting and cooking it mellows the flavor. You can also supplement with garlic extract.

2. Pygeum: Also known as African plum, this member of the evergreen family is particularly effective at reducing the symptoms of BPH.

One study shows that 100 mg of pygeum is enough to improve symptoms of BPH by 40 percent in men between 50 and 75 years old. This dose lowered their frequency of midnight bathroom trips by 32 percent.3

You can easily find pygeum as a supplement. But you can also find it as a tea. No matter which form you choose, it works particularly well with our next natural solution.

3. Saw Palmetto: Over two million men in America use saw palmetto as an alternative to BPH medication. In Germany and Austria, it’s a primary treatment.4 And the research backs up just how powerful it is.

Studies show that supplementing with saw palmetto can reduce urinary symptoms of BPH by up to 45 percent. You can reduce you late-night trips to the bathroom by 24 percent. It also improves urinary flow by 40 percent.

Saw palmetto is also a common ingredient in testosterone support products. Why? Because of its ability to support prostate health. When you take it with pygeum, the combined anti-inflammatory properties help shrink your prostate.6

4. Oregano: Oregano is so powerful that it makes cancer cells commit suicide. It contains carvacrol, a compound that causes apoptosis in human prostate cancer cells. This means that the cancerous cells will actually kill themselves when they run into oregano..7

Adding fresh oregano and garlic to a dish increases your prostate protection even more. There are oregano extracts and supplements but try growing your own to get the benefit of the fresh compounds.

5. Zinc: This mineral is essential for men as they get older. In normal prostate cells, not enough zinc can cause DNA damage. It also prevents cells from responding to DNA damage. This increases your likelihood of developing prostate cancer.

Like oregano, it causes cell death in BPH cells. They signal your prostate is getting larger. Zinc goes after these cells to shrink and regulate your prostate gland.8 You can find zinc in foods like oysters, liver, dark chocolate, and eggs.

Try to get zinc and most of the nutrients on this list from natural, whole foods. You’ll have to supplement the pygeum and saw palmetto. But oregano and garlic are easy to add.

Any of these natural solutions on their own will help you keep your prostate healthy. And that’s important since men in the U.S. are almost guaranteed to experience prostate issues if they live long enough.

But that’s not the case in different parts of the world. Take Transylvania, for example. According to reports, prostate swelling is a non-issue for the men there. And the reason why is pretty strange.

Now news of this weird solution has made its way overseas. Adam G. reports that in only 3 months since trying it, he can finally sleep through the night without running to the bathroom. You can read all about it HERE.

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5 Simple Ways to Protect Your Prostate