There’s one antioxidant that lowers blood pressure that is powerful and easy to find… And comes in some pretty tasty packages.

This Colorful Antioxidant Lowers Blood Pressure

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High blood pressure can damage your heart and brain. It can also cause kidney failure and death.

Worst of all? Only about half of people with high blood pressure can keep it under control.1

When it comes to ways to lower your blood pressure, the conversation usually centers on what to avoid. You also know only to drink in moderation and definitely not to smoke…

But isn’t there something you can have more of to help lower blood pressure?

It turns out there is.

There’s one antioxidant that is powerful and easy to find… And comes in some pretty tasty packages.

Want to try something different? Pomegranates are a great source of antioxidants, including anthocyanin. This fruit may seem a little strange on the surface. But it’s filled with tons of health benefits.

Best of all, this antioxidant may be the answer to getting your blood pressure under control once and for all… Or avoiding high blood pressure completely.

Anthocyanin is what gives berries their bright, vibrant colors. But it isn’t just for good looks. Anthocyanin is an anti-inflammatory with cancer fighting power, but it really shines when it comes to heart health and blood pressure.2

This antioxidant helps protects against high blood pressure and heart disease by fighting oxidative stress.3

One study shows just how powerful eating a handful of berries can be. The study followed 157,000 men and women for 14 years. Over that time 35,000 people developed high blood pressure.

The folks who ate blueberries just once a week lowered their risk for high blood pressure by 10% compared to those who never ate them.45

Anthocyanin is abundant in blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries.6 They are a great choice because of their rich vitamin content and high fiber content.

Cabbage and pistachio nuts are also great sources of anthocyanin. You can work cabbage into your meals pretty easily. It makes a great base for a salad or side dish with dinner.

Red wine is another good source of anthocyanin.7 A glass of red wine with dinner tastes great. Knowing that it may help lower your blood pressure in the process might make it taste even better.

So if high blood pressure is on your radar…or if you want to keep it off your radar…try adding more anthocyanin sources to your diet to keep your blood pressure low.

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  1. Appreciate the medical health information you provide. As a former long distance runner, boxe,and now biker of road bike’s & boxing trainer I’ve alway’s looked for the best food’s fruit’s & vegetables to eat to help my body maintain it’s proper form, strength, and engery. At 66yrs. Old I still feel great. I now advise young men,women about what foods to take and which to avoid. At 66 I’m told almost daily at gym where I work out ( 24 hr fitness) I look 40 +. I enjoy those kind of complements. I contribute the compliments to the foods I’ve eaten to when I was younger and competed in the sports I did.Thank’s again for your information to good health.

    1. Gilbert, thank you very much for your comment! We’re very happy to hear from readers who appreciate our content and find good information on our site. Thank you for being such a good example of health and fitness!

        What is the best NATURAL DIET for sufferers, particularly to REDUCE (or even STOP)the violent body TREMORS which seem to be one of the side effects of the drugs being used.
        My 47yr old sister has been suffering from this condition for OVER EIGHT years and she’s now on the “strongest drug” (combined with others).
        Please, a REPLY (particularly if there’s a NATURAL DIET solution), WILL BE DEEPLY APPRECIATED!!!!. Thanks.

  2. Red GRAPES can give you similar health benefits as can red wine. And green grapes can be sweet, but be discrete, go RED–instead (red and black grapes have more antioxidants than green grapes)!

    Finally, BEWARE-of where you obtain your (red, black or green) grapes. Do NOT buy any grapes from the following company: George Wrath, Inc.

  3. I have been following and reading a lot of your articles here and sometime I found it a bit confusing about the natural treatment on high blood pressure. I have high blood pressure so are my parents, brothers and sisters. Can any body tell me what is the real effective natural treatment for high blood pressure? We have been taking our medication everyday but this does not solve the problem. My mom died of high blood pressure/heart attack. My brother damage his kidney and now undergone dialysis every two days. We are really desperat to look for an answer. Also as we are from poor family, we can not affort the high cost of treatment and medication. Is there any body with that golden heart who can help us to overcome this dreaded disease?

    1. Jok, thank you for your comment. We sympathize with your situation. We do not give out medical advice. But we have shared with our readers several articles that talk about lowering blood pressure naturally. If you do a search on “high blood pressure,” you will pull up many. Good luck!

    2. Hi

      Just be careful with your diet. Food high in carbohydrates eg. bread, rice, noodles besides the unhealthy fats can increase your blood pressure. Try some good supplements like magnesium. Eat lots of leafy green vegetables which are high in magnesium and other micronutrients. Have plenty of quality sleep. Try to sleep early 10pm. If you can, learn Qigong, the Chinese art of healing. Breathing exercise helps too. Pls google items that I mentioned to better understanding. Lowering blood pressure cost very little. I have good bp of 98/65 to 106/70 max. Lower stress level. If you say you cannot because of the environment/work etc you have to payback in $$ in medical and suffering. Cortisol (stress byproduct) in your system will catch up. You have only one life. Use it to be happy and healthy. Health is wealth. There is a saying by a Swami Rama who said “Many of our illness are due to our subconscious worry and stress. They are due to our brain behaviour. There is no disease that cannot be cured.

    3. I am trying to control high blood pressure.have been taking a load of meds with not much luck.but I am now concentrating on very basic ways that makes sense to me….first is lose weight…that makes the heart have to do less work……………..and I am now eating porridge in mornings only vegetables in a new steamer i got at no fried foods etc,
      Taking garlic every day..and , lots of bananas, and berries….eventually hope to do away with meds

  4. Love the article on high blood pressure. I suffer with this and take tabs. I will definitely try the berries but the only problem is, where I live in the Caribbean, berries are very expensive because they are imported.

  5. Am presently eating plenty of berries,but will have to drink Red Wine over
    White. I also eat 90% Dark Chocolate,as it too is good x high BP.
    Thanks for the info.

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