Catch Your Breath with This Vegetable

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Coughing… Wheezing… Shortness of breath… A tight chest…

If you’re one of the 25 million people with asthma or a reactive airway disease, being short of breath is no small concern.1

The good news is that we’ve uncovered a vegetable that may help ease your symptoms.2

Even if you don’t have asthma, it could help.

Researchers tested various doses of this vegetable. After just three days, participants had a decrease in airway inflammation. What’s more, they had increased antioxidant enzyme levels in their airways.

These enzymes protect the body from free radicals. They fight off toxins like allergens and airborne irritants including tobacco smoke or pollution—major triggers in asthma attacks. And the more of the vegetable they ate, the higher the protection.

“This strategy may offer protection against inflammatory processes and could lead to potential treatments for a variety of respiratory conditions,” said lead researcher Dr. Marc Riedl.3

What type of vegetable can help you breathe easier?

Got asthma? Yoga can help. Yoga exercises including the poses, breathing, and relaxation techniques relax you and relieve stress. That allows you to breathe easier. And it helps strengthen your lungs to enhance airflow.

Broccoli. Or broccoli sprouts to be exact…

The broccoli sprouts used in the study were three-to-four day old plants. They look like alfalfa sprouts. Broccoli sprouts as well as mature broccoli contain a compound known as sulforaphane.

But the sprouts pack the biggest punch. They have more than 50 times the sulforaphane.4 The compound fights cancer and builds the body’s immune system. And it fights the inflammation that causes asthma.

You can also find sulforaphane in other vegetables such cabbage, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts.

A Korean study found similar results with asthma-induced mice treated with sulforaphane.5 It significantly opened up their airways. It suppressed inflammation and fought off allergens.

Best of all… no side effects.

Doctors will often prescribe steroids for asthma. Those can cause decreased bone density, bruising, cataracts, and glaucoma.6 Long term steroid use can seriously damage the body. And you can become addicted.

In fact, some asthma drugs are killing more patients than asthma itself.7 It’s important to know your triggers. And from that, take precautions to prevent attacks. Eating broccoli sprouts is safe and effective.

Cooking vegetables destroys sulforaphane content.8 So try to eat them raw or lightly steamed. And of course, buy organic.

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