The Vitamin Cocktail That Saves Your Mind and Wards off Dementia

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No one wants to lose their mind.

So along with eating more fish, getting exercise, socializing, and doing puzzles, there’s a simple cocktail of vitamins to add to your daily brain-preserving regimen.

Elderly people with mild cognitive impairment (MCI), the precursor to dementia and Alzheimer’s, who took this mixture of vitamins showed significant less brain degeneration.1

In a new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers found that the vitamins prevented shrinkage of the medial temporal lobe. That’s the part of the brain associated with the disease.

Before the study, these seniors had high levels of homosysteine. That’s a protein in the blood linked to Alzheimer’s. But after taking the vitamins? Their levels dropped by 29 percent. This helped prevent and slow down brain shrinkage—as much as eight times slower.

A sure way to a healthy brain is a good night’s rest. Chronic brain inflammation can deteriorate brain cells. Proper sleep acts as an anti-inflammatory. Even just a six-minute power nap enhances memory.

This was the first treatment that has shown to potentially stop Alzheimer’s-related brain shrinkage.

What’s the treatment that can prevent brain shrinkage and save your memory?

A high dose of B vitamins. B12, B6, and folic acid to be exact.

Another study found similar results with the same B vitamin cocktail. It lowered homocysteine levels by 30 percent in people with MCI.2 Cognitive function also improved. And the people performed better on mental tests.

Nobody’s quite sure how high homocysteine levels can cause Alzheimer’s. But high levels put you at a greater risk of suffering from a blood clot.3 And blood clots block blood flow. A lack of blood flow means lack of oxygen to your brain. If your brain doesn’t have proper blood flow and oxygen then it suffers damage. Leaving your memory impaired.

You are also at a greater risk of suffering from a stroke. That alone raises your risk of developing dementia.4

People with MCI are still able to function. They just have the casual memory slip ups. Sound familiar? So it’s vital to do what you can now to ward off dementia. And B vitamins hold the key.

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  1. Homocysteine is not a protein, ut is a kind of amino acid.

  2. Don’t forget about antioxidant fruits like blueberries. And, Turmeric, dissolved in coconut oil (which is GOOD for you) and used for cooking, is VERY Worthwhile. Alzheimer’s is Rare in India.

    The Mediterranean Diet is Great, Too. Greeks live to 82 on average, and have 1/17th the rate of Dementia.

  3. Would someone please give me the recipe for the ICT Protocol cocktail. Thanks.

    1. Hello Marianne Did you ever get the ICT Protocol cocktail. If you did do you mind sharing it with me Please. Thank you

    2. In another article ICT was defined as vitamin B12 + vitamin B6 + folic acid. Sorry, I did not record the link. But if you Google “ICT Protocol” you should find several links that will confirm.

      1. I saw that but it’s not a “recipe”. It gives no amounts or concentrations of each ingredient. Assuming that this mix is synergistic , the percentages would be critical. It’s going to take someone who has purchased the book who is willing to share that information. My intention is to take this article and others to the nutritionist at my local health food store and see what she makes of it.

        1. Go to the NTA, “Nutritional Therapy Association” and look for a practitioner. Any of these professionals should be able to help you. For the “B” vitamins, I would strongly suggest buying only Biotics Research Corp products. Their “B” vitamins are phosphorylated, where as other companies are not! They are instantly absorbed into the lymphatic system and do not have to go to the liver to become activated for use in the body! Their tableting base is from a vegetable culture that is all natural and actual food itself, made of peas, beans and lentils not often used in our SAD diets, so there is little incidence of allergies and inhanced dissolving qualities! Buy smart and see the difference!

    1. Did anyone get the ICT Protocol cocktail. If you did do you mind sharing it with me Please. Thank you

    1. It seems that quite a few people are interested in the ICP PROTOCOL but when asked it doesn’t seem to be freely available without a catch. I’d like the recipe without the catch. Is that possible? Cheers, Martin ( NZ)

  4. I would also like the recipe for the ICT protocol cocktail and I thank you in advance….Meg

  5. yes… the recipe is talked about but nobody is human enough to share it .. we live in a sick society, if I found a cancer cure I would share far and wide.. the P&L statement appears to cancel the human empathy

    1. Paul you are so right ,as a Healer I go into Deep searches for cures . Big Pharma. Is Responsible ,they have had a cure for cancer and Alzhemimer’s,but all they can think about is their Profit while they are killing people with drugs that do nothing but give you a sick reaction . The Lord detests our sick Society and will be coming back for his TRUE Believers . Paul you have a Platform to keep your message alive . Well Done .

  6. Well…..1 ingredient is …. coconut oil…….unrefined….2 tblspoons..daily…..the other..I believe is vitamin B complex…50 mg…they emphazize…B6, B12, & folic acid…which are all in vit B complex…other ingredient. …not sure….yet…I started my mom on this a couple days ago…

  7. Joe, let us know how your mother responds to this cocktail


  8. the recipes I found included: A mushroom extract, 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, high dose of B-Vitamin complex, Vitamin G (Riboflavin)

    I listened to a super long video that listed the Mushroom extract and read through countless articles to find about the other two ingredients..

    Take the MCT or Coconut Oil in the morning. It takes 3 hours to get the effect of the ketones.

    they never really give a recipe.

    20 grams of MCT a day, according to Dr. Newport, is the recommended dose. (Others recommend 20-40 grams a day of MCTs – 1 to 2 tablespoons of MCT oil a day – see below)

    How Much Coconut Oil?

    Since coconut oil is about 66% MCT, this equates to 35 mL = 2 tablespoons = 7 teaspoons.

      1. Vitamin B6, B12 and folic acid the other ingredient in the ccocktail can only be found in red meat!

  9. P.S just found this ;
    The composition of Souvenaid includes:[4]
    Eicosapentaenoic acid, 300 mg
    Docosahexaenoic acid, 1200 mg
    Phospholipids, 106 mg
    Choline, 400 mg
    Uridine monophosphate, 625 mg
    Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol equivalents), 40 mg
    Selenium, 60 µg
    Vitamin B12, 3 µg
    Vitamin B6, 1 mg
    Folic acid, 400 µg
    Vitamin C, 80 mg

  10. My name is Charles Van Kessler. I am the creator and formulator of a delicious tasting very powerful and effective all liquid multi vitamin and mineral product with whole food based ingredients (135 of them). It is called Passion 4 Life ( Designed for only one ounce a day, if needed, could be twice a day one ounce). It has been designed originally for myself having been raised in a state run orphanage in Amsterdam during WWII (1940-1945). A total of 15 years of study and research have gone into creating this amazing product that is being enjoyed by many classes of people. Kids, baby boomers, seniors, athletes, medical doctors, PhD’s, researchers and celebrities including Regis Philbin and Kevin Harrington, original Shark of ABC’s Shark Tank and others.

    Basics of Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia. An “irreversible”, progressive brain disorder that slowly destroys memory and thinking skills and, eventually, the ability to carry out the simplest tasks. Many of the ingredients mentioned by your readers are present in Passion 4 Life . Due to the fact that dementia and Alzheimer’s have to do with brain issues, it might be worth noting that we have 18 powerful Amino Acids in our product.

    Due to the environment we live in I cannot and will not make any claims, however, I recommend that you browse my website and see for yourself if it would be worth a try for a few months.

    Blessings of health, peace, happiness and prosperity to all of you!

  11. This is stage to me to mention my of vitamins, his cure was a drink made up of fruits, vegetables. Like everyone else I would like the cure not some other breakdown of what was used in vitim %.
    I hope someone can provide it I have a co-worker who needs it before he hurts himself or gets fired.

  12. I I am 52 years old, have had psoriatic arthritis beginning 30 years ago. I have adult onset epilepsy starting 10 years ago. Gluten free diet addresses paying and skin. I am still researching the epilepsy. The “modified Atkins diet“ recommended by the John Hopkins Nerocenter, has shown to cut seizures by 50%. Looking for nutrition to address these issues. Sincerely yours, Stephen

  13. I listened to the video twice, and still don’t have the ICT Protocol cocktail. That lengthy video is just words sprewed out by someone that’s being paid to talk. She talked about a whole laundry list of herbs and vitamins and no RECIPE. Please just get to the point and give the recipe especially to the ones that paid!

  14. ITC Protocol is found in the book CURED by NUTRITION & HEALING. It is an entire chapter and not the same for the three people they talk about. All included eating more fruits & vegetables.

    1. Reduce inflammation and stabilize blood sugar levels. Take supplements including Curcumin (turmeric) DHA and EPA. It also suggest improving oral care.

    2. Optimize Hormones. Test you hormone levels. Stress Reduction & Supplements D3 and Ashwagandha.

    3. Optimize Antioxidants. Diet (Mediterranean) and supplements. Vitamin E, selenium, N-Acetyl cysteine and alpha-lipoic acid.

    4. Optimize Gut Health. Supplement a probiotic.

    5. Plenty of healthy fats. MTC oil or coconut oil.

    6. Enhancing Cognitive Performance and NFG (nerve growth factors) levels. Supplements include Lions Mane mushroom extract, Bacopa Monnieri and citicoline.

    7. Boost Mitiochondrial Function. Supplements, PPQ and CoQ10

    8. Mental and Physical Exercise. See for brain games. Exercise 30-60 minutes of exercise 4 to 6 days a week.

    9. Ensure Nocturnal Oxygenation. Sleep. Excessive snoring may indicate sleep apnea.

    10. Detox Heavy Metals Talk to your Doctor about this.

    I suggest you by the book. You can buy used copies on Amazon. I hope this helps.

    1. To our knowledge, there is no specific product. The study looked at three B vitamins… B12, B6, and folic acid.

      Be well,
      INH Research Team

  15. There is a woman who researched on behalf of her husband diagnosed with Alzheimers. She discovered coconut oil (I can’t remember if it was 1 tbsp three times a day but something along those lines) reversed her husbands symptoms and to test it she had him draw on paper a clock with the numbers on it. At first he could not get the numbers correct. After a week or so he did much better and finally could do so with no trouble. I don’t believe MCT is a good but it’s worth a try if you don’t like coconut oil.

  16. Where can I buy all the ingredients for this cocktail?
    It would be nice if it all came in a daily package

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