The Vitamin Cocktail That Saves Your Mind and Wards off Dementia

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No one wants to lose their mind.

So along with eating more fish, getting exercise, socializing, and doing puzzles, there’s a simple cocktail of vitamins to add to your daily brain-preserving regimen.

Elderly people with mild cognitive impairment (MCI), the precursor to dementia and Alzheimer’s, who took this mixture of vitamins showed significant less brain degeneration.1

In a new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers found that the vitamins prevented shrinkage of the medial temporal lobe. That’s the part of the brain associated with the disease.

Before the study, these seniors had high levels of homosysteine. That’s a protein in the blood linked to Alzheimer’s. But after taking the vitamins? Their levels dropped by 29 percent. This helped prevent and slow down brain shrinkage—as much as eight times slower.

A sure way to a healthy brain is a good night’s rest. Chronic brain inflammation can deteriorate brain cells. Proper sleep acts as an anti-inflammatory. Even just a six-minute power nap enhances memory.

This was the first treatment that has shown to potentially stop Alzheimer’s-related brain shrinkage.

What’s the treatment that can prevent brain shrinkage and save your memory?

A high dose of B vitamins. B12, B6, and folic acid to be exact.

Another study found similar results with the same B vitamin cocktail. It lowered homocysteine levels by 30 percent in people with MCI.2 Cognitive function also improved. And the people performed better on mental tests.

Nobody’s quite sure how high homocysteine levels can cause Alzheimer’s. But high levels put you at a greater risk of suffering from a blood clot.3 And blood clots block blood flow. A lack of blood flow means lack of oxygen to your brain. If your brain doesn’t have proper blood flow and oxygen then it suffers damage. Leaving your memory impaired.

You are also at a greater risk of suffering from a stroke. That alone raises your risk of developing dementia.4

People with MCI are still able to function. They just have the casual memory slip ups. Sound familiar? So it’s vital to do what you can now to ward off dementia. And B vitamins hold the key.

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