The Herb That’s Stronger Than Your Sweet Tooth

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That last piece of cake. That bowl of ice cream. That chocolate bar. We’ve all been there.

But too much sugar is way more dangerous than most people realize.  It does much more than just expand our waistlines. It causes inflammation. That leads to advanced aging and wrinkles. And even worse… it causes serious and even deadly diseases.1 Arthritis, cataracts, poor memory, diabetes, heart disease…

Controlling cravings can be the hardest—but most important—part of maintaining healthy sugar levels. Of course, that’s easier said than done. But good news…

There’s a sugar-destroying herb that can help you do just that. It not only curbs cravings, it reduces the taste of sweetness.

A study in Physiology and Behavior showed this herb reduced cravings in participants who took it prior to drinking a sweetened beverage. They also ate less later on.2

Bottom line: Your sweet tooth doesn’t stand a chance against this…

Gymnema sylvestre.

Native to India, people have used gymnema for over 2,000 years to treat diabetes.3 Its Hindi name gurmar literally means “sugar destroyer.” Its active component, gymnemic acid, suppresses sweetness cravings and alters taste bud receptors. It prevents sugar molecules in food from being activated and prevents sugar absorption in the intestines.

In one study in patients with high blood sugar, 400mg of gymnema reduced their insulin requirements by 50 percent after 10 months.4

And in yet another study, patients took 500mg of gymnema daily for three months.5 Their fatigue, blood glucose, and long-term blood sugar levels, improved.

Too much sugar intake can cause a diabetic to go into a diabetic coma called ketoacidosis.6 And too much sugar in the body becomes toxic whether you are diabetic or not. It wreaks havoc on blood vessels and organs.

Gymnema is proving to help not only control cravings and blood sugar levels. But it is also showing to help with other health issues including lipid levels, appetite, and fatigue. All tied to sugar intake. Gymnema is safe, natural, and effective.

And it is one herb that is truly living up to its name as the “sugar destroyer.”

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