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The Natural Pain Killer You Won’t Find in Any Store

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The studies continue to add up proving this plant’s healing power. Now here’s one more…

A recent study at the University of California tested its effects on 39 people with neuropathy.1

Neuropathy is a disease of the nerves. Almost anything can trigger it. From diseases such as diabetes, or injuries that left nerve damage. Neuropathy can cause numbness or tingling in the hands and feet. Rare forms can even lead to paralysis. It’s serious stuff.

For this study, patients inhaled either a vaporized extract of the plant or a placebo. When patients inhaled the extract, pain was reduced by 30 percent. And unlike prescription drugs, it wasn’t only effective, it was also safe.

Another recent study tested this plant on multiple sclerosis (MS).2

Half of the patients took an extract in pill form. The other half took a placebo. The people that got the extract had twice the relief in pain. That’s huge.

But that wasn’t all…

It didn’t just kill the pain. It also reduced muscle spasms and improved sleep. These symptoms make it hard for MS patients to function.

So what helped these patients stop their pain?

The controversial plant, marijuana.

We are not endorsing the use of an illegal drug. We are just stating facts.

The US government claims marijuana is a drug with no legitimate medical use. Yet the FDA approved the drug Marinol…a synthetic form of marijuana.3 Plus more than 80 peer-reviewed studies have identified marijuana as a powerful pain reliever.4 And when used right, it’s safe and effective.

But despite the proven benefits, it is still illegal.

Maybe that’s because so many people think that marijuana is just for “getting high.” But not so fast.  In the neuropathy study, scientists measured their patients’ “high.” Turns out, it was minimal and well-tolerated.

And it isn’t just helpful for patients with neuropathy and MS…

In 2006, scientists from the University Connecticut found that marijuana may even show promise for Alzheimer’s disease.5 The researchers said that it “could be considerably better at suppressing the abnormal clumping of malformed proteins that is a hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease than any currently approved prescription.”6

It may also stop cancer in its tracks.7  A study in the journal Breast Cancer Research and Treatment found that a compound found in marijuana stopped the spread of breast cancer cells. In fact, it did not just stop cancer cells. It returned them to normal. Prescription drugs can’t even come close to that.

It also may help alleviate other health issues like migraines, nausea, and insomnia, to name a few.

To date, 18 of the 50 states have legalized marijuana for medical use.8 Eleven states have pending legislation.9 And many doctors support the use of medical marijuana.10

“It is time to embrace a more commonsense policy, and stop criminalizing adults for using a substance less harmful than alcohol,” says Dr. Larry Bedard, former president of the American College of Emergency Physicians.11

We want to hear your thoughts. Should the government legalize marijuana for medical use? Or should they continue to ban it? (Comments Below)

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  1. Yes I believe Marijuana should be a preference of the person themselves, one particular reason is it benefits certain ailments, secondly not allowing the person his/her freedom of choice. Marijuana is mostly a passive drug so it relaxes, totally different from the drugs which activate a violent nature in the mental ability. It is be only right that people should benefit from this not just for their need like pain etc, but also if they fancy to relax after a traumatic situation/work/or lifes stresses, or just to relax in general. We do have a right of freedom, this being banned is denying us our right. I’m in my later yrs and would like to see certain changes in matters which only benefit.

  2. I have been taking gabapentin for two years now and although I don’t have diabetis I sure have a lot of nerve pain in my feet. I live in Kentucky and we are in the process of trying to legalize himp so maybe marijuana is not far behind ha ha. Do you recommend smoking it or ingesting a small amount? What are your thoughts?

  3. I have difficulty understanding why vicodin can be obtained by prescription and marijuana cannot. The same controls should be available for both.

  4. The insane “Reefer Madness” mentallity against a plant that has been grown for thousands of years and has reams of scientific documentation proving it’s benefits is ludicrous at best and downright shameful and harmful, As a RN who suffered debikitating injuries in an auto accident, I was at one time precribed up to 10 precsription drugs , half of which were prescribed to combat the side effects of the others. With the help of cannabis I was able to wean myself off the highly addictive morphine and all the rest but one ocassional drug. My quality of life is far better since. I know dozens of people with similar stories.

    At one time in our country, hemp was one of our major crops, we even could pay our taxes with it. We now import masses of it because we cannot grow it in our country. I highly recommend reading “The Emperor Wore No Clothes”by Jack Herer. It’s highly informative, in-depth, easy reading about the uses of hemp and cannabis throughout history through modern times. There are many ways to use this miraculous plant without having to smoke it. We are wasting millions and millions of dollars and time with our ineffective “War on Drugs”

    We glorify the use of alcohol and pharmaceuticals in commercials, movies, and social events, while they continues to rack up billions in health care costs,with millions of families and lives destroyed. Once again, the obscene profits of mega-corporations trumps the health and welfare of people.

  5. It’s simply unnatural to illegalize a natural substance. Actually, it should be considered a crime in reverse. We’re so dumbed down about it that it seems normal. I’ve never been a pot smoker but am so blown away that this ever became a reality and a completely accepted one at that.

  6. Ditto on the “Reefer Madness” madness – the criminalization of generations of Americans for use of a natural substance. While I have nothing against “getting high” I was interested to read that the pain-killing, healing substance in cannabis is different from the part that gets you high. Not a popular fact with the reefer crowd, I know, but it appears to be fact. I’m not going to argue that a marijuana high is not healing in it’s own right. Healed me, and now I don’t need it any more. Legalize it! That might help slow down the murder in Mexico…

  7. I have Neurophy from Nerve Damage andhave Gastroparesis which causes Nausea that can’t be help by nausea medicine. I need medical M but its against the law here in Fl. Pls help me die without the pain and sickness I have. It has to be legal for me to do it. Thank you

  8. I think the government has gotten power hungry & trying to use their “muscle power” everywhere anymore. It even has it’s effect in the schools & on the children. If every person would live their life by the Bible’s laws & rules, maybe we wouldn’t have the government’s noses in our businesses so much. Now, they take the laws our forefathers made & stretch them to every possible imagination of the mind that they can in their favor. Like in some of the other countries, we have no alternative but to obey – or be “in contempt” of the law. Big pharmacy won’t let anything be used that they can’t slap a paton on & make big money on.

  9. Mike, ingesting always works better than smoking, since it provides sustained relief over a long period, and you use only a small amount to get relief. The medical varieties are very potent, which not only makes them work well in very small amounts, it also has a wonderful flavor and aroma, and there’s not that “harshness” that one can get inhaling it. Gabapentin is one of the better drugs for neuropathy; I used to take it for sciatica after a pelvic fracture. The cannabis works much better.

  10. Safe use of anything that helps people suffering continuously from pain, should be given a ‘go ahead’.

  11. It is time to stop the foleys of a few dead and old politicians and use this plant for the benefit of the people As a RN I advocate many alternative ways of healing and do not always go along with current health.

    The drug co need to back off it was here before they were. And I have seen first hand the deadliness of the current meds. It may not be for all but it helps many.

  12. The analgesic properties of Cannabis are widely known and extensively documented. Public knowledge about its various other properties, such as its neuroprotective and neuroregenerative effects are slowly becoming better known. Jack Herer has already been mentioned in this forum. He is world famous as a Cannabis grower who developed the best strains in existence circa 1970s and the secret pedigree named “Jack Herer” is the finest weed I have ever enjoyed (though I have not used now for over 7 years). Jack was somehow involved with the University of Virginia’s Cannabis study in the 1970s. It’s unclear what his precise role was – perhaps he supplied the herb for the university to use and provided knowhow on it in a consultant capacity. Whatever the case, I have heard that his book “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” documents what ha[ppened in this study, which was commissioned by the US Government to find proof that Cannabis was responsible for causing a particular medical condition. I can’t recall what it was, but it may have been neural damage. The story was that the university study not only found the reverse to be true, but also demonstrated that it had a potent anticarcinomic effect. These results were brought to the government’s attention, whereupon the Gerald Ford administration promptly shut the study down. A more recent Cannabis study at the Madrid University in the 1990s also demonstrated very strong anticarcinomic effects. Some American media released news about it, but not all. The government moved very swiftly to silence any further media reports about the Madrid study.

    Look, I won’t mince words. America’s government, the FDA and most other regulating agencies AND even the FBI are corrupt and rotten to the core. They are very much in the pockets of powerful entities in industry and commerce and only act in the true interests of the public when it suits them for public image purposes. So I wouldn’t hold out much hope that complete natural cures already known for many supposedly intractable diseases like cancer, diabetes II, Alzheimers, arthritis and others will become legalised at the federal level, or in those resistant states, anytime soon. There are far too many trillions of dollars in profits at stake.

    Freedom? Liberty? In America and indeed in many other developed nations, these words have been hijacked by the powerful “free enterprise” interests, especially by the likes of Big Pharma and are in reality relatively meaningless to average citizens.

    I don’t advocate a civil armed revolution. Too many people will die and somehow, yet another corrupt system of government will most likely arise out of the ashes and in its succession, it will submit to the same powerful interests, so in reality, nothing will change. But if the succession could ever be of a properly benevolent, people-oriented style of government, then armed revolution is the only course that can actually achieve it, because existing powers actively fight reforms and in fact, they advance their own agendas with an implacable, almost inexhaustible energy.

  13. In short, you do not have a true democracy. Instead, you have a dollarocracy. The more dollars you have, the more rights you have, while the greater will be your protection by the Law and the greater your immunity from it.

  14. I totaled my back in two car wrecks (I was apassanger in both). I have a total of 5 levels fused and two more disks “leaking”. The pain levels have reduced me to living a life centered not on family, work, friends or any common human need, but rather, my life centers on pain avoidance. 60 mgs of MS contin and 30 mgs oxycodone +a host of other meds on daily basis are my only medical option and that is the doctor talking not me. Unfortunately, I live in astate that does not allow thc theropy. I do not know if THC wil help. I simply state the crime or politicos are guilty of is not allowing me to find out. With no safety issues of importance why not allow my doctors to try? My prayer is that that these people get to walk a few miles in my shoes.

  15. I have known for years that the use of marijuana in ingested form is very effective as a pain reliever and can prevent nausea from chemo and other drug treatments. Of course, as a hypnotist, I highly recommend hypnosis as the ultimate in drug-free pain treatment, but understand that in some cases other methods are needed in addition. I have never seen the sense in prohibiting marijuana and allowing alcohol, when the effects of medical use are so evident, and the harm not evident, as it is with alcohol.

  16. Profit comes before common sense in this country. And common sense ain;t so common any more. The only way to make a difference is to vote with your dollars. Stop buying products from the mammoth corporations. Buy local. The only way to take back control is to fight back by not using their products. Most of it is crap we don’t need anyway. We can shut down these big companies that are ruling American – make no mistake. My years on Wall Street proved to me that you and I are simply a commodity to the big money makers – we are not viewed as valuable human life – we are viewed as a way for them to make more profits and when we can’t do that for them – we are just yesterdays trash. WAKE UP AMERICA and take back your country – before its too late. Stop enabling the companies that are literally killing us – vote with your hard earned dollars and do not buy from them. Support local small business. Keep your money in your town whenever possible. Otherwise – stop complaining. If you are buying services & products from the companies that just view you as a number – well guess what – that’s what you’ll keep getting.

  17. It is the only thing that gave my sister some relief when she had cancer. The doctor that did the surgery on her stomach caused damage and her incision never healed. She had a hole the size of a fist and for that reason was on so many pills. I read how MJ nay help so purchased the liquid substance and immediately within a few days was able to smile, eat and sit up in bed. She said it diminished the pain. I 100 percent think it us a crime to not legalize it for patients to give them relief. I had to buy it undercover and literally sneak it in to her.
    Unfortunately so much damage and the spread of cancer got the best of her at at age 66 she is no longer in this crazy government run world we live in.

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