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A Safe and Effective Herb that Helps Weight Loss… and So Much More

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If you are one of the almost five million people looking for a safe, natural weight-loss supplement, researchers from the Avera Institute for Human Genetics may have the solution.1 And it comes in the form of a simple herb.

In a recent study, the researchers from South Dakota found that this herb aided weight loss… safely and effectively. They published their findings in the journal Phytomedicine.

Subjects took 500 mg of it three times a day. After 12 weeks, subjects lost an average of five pounds. But that wasn’t all. The herb significantly reduced blood fat levels by 23 percent. It also decreased cholesterol by 12.2 percent.

Of course when it comes to losing weight, there is no “quick fix.” But there are healthy ways to give your efforts an extra push. And that’s what makes this herb truly unique.

It actually boosts your heart, kidneys, and liver. For a weight loss supplement, that’s rare.

Just last month a study warned consumers about the risks behind the popular OTC weight-loss drug Alli.2 A study from the University of Rhode Island found that Alli may cause “severe toxicity” to major organs including your kidney and liver.

And remember the ephedra craze? The FDA pulled that diet supplement in 2004 following dozens of deaths.3

But this herb has been a staple in traditional Chinese medicine for years. And just recently researchers tested the safety and effectiveness of it on rats to confirm their results. Again, it proved safe and lowered triglycerides by 34.7 percent and cholesterol by 9 percent.

So what is this wonder herb?

It’s called berberine.

Berberine is found in barberry, goldenseal, and other plants.4 Typically in the barks.

Berberine naturally burns fat in the body. How? It improves insulin resistance—a must for anyone with diabetes. Also, it slows down the release of fatty acids, which cause lipid levels to decrease. Lower lipid levels help prevent harmful fat formation. And all that equals a healthy heart along with other vital organs. You won’t find those health properties in an over-the-counter diet pill. Or any fad diet.

Berberine isn’t a magic pill that will melt the fat off. But it can help you lose weight safely. And it will protect your entire body in the long run. No harmful side effects and definitely no “severe toxicity.” With a balanced diet, daily exercise regimen, and a little berberine you’ll be a new thinner and healthier you in no time.

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  1. I also just read that eating a lot of protein as opposed to carbs burns calories ( even eggs ) because it is harder to digest and takes more calories to do so. Also certain foods boost metabolism such as peppers, hot sauces, and dairy products.

    1. Just bought some from Amazon. You get 32 oz. of dried barberries for a good price. Put them in tea and brew with white tea (excellent fat burner). Eat them too. Do not throw them out of your tea cup!

  2. Does anyone know the Berberine content of Orange Grape Extract? Berberine seems expensive to me.

  3. “And remember the ephedra craze? The FDA pulled that diet supplement in 2004 following dozens of deaths.” Horse Malarky! Stop regurgitating the Nazi govt propaganda. ASPIREN and PRESCRIPTION DRUGS such as Viagara and statin drugs along with snake oil remedies like chemotherapy KILL HALF A MILLION AMERICANS PER YEAR. Nobody died from ephedra its total BALONEY. Some athlete was taking it with DIET COKE and the ASPARTAME IN THE DIET COKE reacted with the overdose of ephedra and that is what killed the person. FDA does NOT want us to be thin and healthy. We aren’t a “cash cow” if we are healthy! The take away all our freedoms and treat us like infants. I have the right and responsibility to take whatever the hell I want to lose weight. I don’t need Big Bubba holding my hand and telling me what’s “not good for me” while promoting TOXIC POISONS IN MY FOOD AND WATER (fluoride, aspartame, msg, etc) that MAKE ME FAT EVEN WHEN I DON”T OVEREAT. FDA is a lying sack of pig excrement and they are noting but choir boys for BIG PHARMA. Americans are brain dead and brain washed enough. Stop vomiting out this ridiculous propaganda. Ma huang ephedra has been used for hundreds if not thousands of years in China with no adverse effects and it was safe and effective here in the US. That’s why these greedy lying PIGS called FDA (Fatal Drugs Allowed) banned it. Don’t believe the propaganda about “oh, they use it to make meth” etc. Meth and crack heads are EVERYWHERE STILL. I used ephedra for YEARS to keep my weight off, only using it for a limited time when the weight krept up. Now I’m forced to go to some stupid diet clinic and be poked and prodded like a cow, so I can pay them $100 for a piece of paper with a prescription for nearly USELESS “phentermine” which is no longer phentermine. The greedy pieces of excrement have watered it down and added so many fillers that it is barely a caricature of what it once was. Bottom line: THEY WANT US TO BE FAT, CANCEROUS, DIABETIC, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE/CHOLESTEROL, etc. For two basic reasons: GREED AND CONTROL. Kiss my @$$ FDA, MONSANTO (aka My Satan in Spanish), BIG PHARMA AND BIG BROTHER PSYCHOPATHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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