The Medicine of Kings That Kills Cancer

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Eastern medicine has deemed this plant the “medicine of kings.”1And it’s proving to be just that.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has rated it as the top medicinal herb for over 2,000 years. It’s that powerful.2

The journal Integrative Cancer Treatments published a study on the dried powder of this plant. The powder played a role in stopping breast and prostate cancer cells from moving and binding to healthy cells and pathways in the body. This would hinder tumors from invading the body. Researchers also found that the supplement encouraged the production of cytokines – chemicals that help fight inflammation.3

And the evidence just keeps mounting…

Researchers at Bellarmine University in Louisville, Kentucky investigated the use of this medicinal herb on lung cancer.4 The scientists tested it on cell lines at different concentrations. At high levels the herb actually killed cancer cells!

What plant is so powerful that it can cause cancer cells to kill themselves?

A mushroom… But not just any mushroom, the reishi mushroom. This type is originally from Asia but is now grown across the world in warm climates.

The researchers found that the component at work in reishi mushrooms is triterpenoid. The bioactive component reduced the growth of cancer cells by 80 percent after 120 hours post-treatment.5

Tumor cells survive by using multiple pathways. But triterpenoids are so powerful, they cut those pathways off. The result is cell suicide…

But the best part is the compound is able to kill cancer cells while leaving healthy cells unharmed.   Something chemotherapy and conventional treatments haven’t yet figured out how to do.

Along with triterpenoids, reishi mushrooms contain complex carbohydrates called polysaccharides. The polysaccharides in the mushrooms play a vital role. They have immune strengthening effects.6 And having a healthy immune system is key when fighting cancer. Or any disease, for that matter.

You can find reishi mushroom extract in capsules, liquid, or powder form at a local health food store. You can also find dried versions for tea and cooking.

If you have cancer it may help your treatment. And if you don’t have cancer it may help ward it off. The reishi mushroom is a powerful fungus with many health boosting benefits. It is an anti-bacterial and anti-viral agent.7  This is one mushroom you definitely want to add to your diet.

P.S. According to one report, when a leading doctor at the Sloan‐Kettering Cancer Center found out that he had advanced‐stage cancer, he told his colleagues, “Do anything you want—but no chemotherapy!” Not surprising. Doctor’s know better than anyone how devastating chemo can be. So why aren’t more doctors using THIS alternative, Nobel Prize winner-studied, natural treatment instead? A study on people who received it for cancer and other ailments noted that “the results have been spectacular; the only side effect is ‘chronic good health.’”

Go HERE to find out all the details including how the mainstream almost killed one of the greatest cancer discoveries in history.

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      1. How can I received the product in my door as you said? I need the product Urgently.

      2. Please send me your contact information. I want to find out about the combination of ganoderma with reishi mushrooms. I write a blog on Healthy Living. I have a friend with Stage IV breast and bone cancer. Get back as soon as possible.
        Jim Hetzer

  1. I need more information about the reishi mushroom. Can we buy them in any health store? What do you ask, Reishi mushroom?

    1. you just ask for reishi mushroom extract, it’s available in nearly if not all health food stores

  2. It is called Ling Zhi in Chinese. Its botanical name is Ganoderma Lucidum. It is also called: The ten thusand year mushroom, for its longevity properties.

  3. I sell Reishi or Ganoderma in pills, tea or mixed in coffe, delivery at your door.

  4. bueno yo lo consumo en café así y les puedo decir algo que ni yo me avía dado cuenta yo sufrí de un tumor en la espina dorsal y me quedaron secuelas tomaba muchas pastillas para poder soportar el dolor el neurocirujano me dijo que me tenia que acostumbrar a vivir así pero hace algunos días una de mis cuñadas me dijo oye que paso yo siempre trahia la mano derecha apretándome mi costado derecho por el dolor no me avía dado cuenta que lla no tenia necesidad de presionar mi costado y no les digo que no me duele al cien pero es muchísimo menor el malestar así que si funciona el hongo milagroso

  5. How can we get the product? I’m in Nigeria. What is the price and how can we pay for it?

  6. It fails to say how much one would take of this Reishi mushroom, for instance, for pancreatic cancer. SO how much?

    1. right on, accessing the study itself wich is most probably published on the net should give you the form and the dose that’s been used

    2. I just accessed a copy of the actual study. They used difeerent doses varying from 0 to 50mg/ml for 24, 48 and 120hours. At 120 hours post treatment cell proliferation was decreased by 80%. Hopes it helps and have a good one

  7. Please send me info on how I can help sell this product and where I can order it for myself thank you

  8. i have a 13 year old son who was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma of the right Iliac two years ago. Currently he is in remission however the soft tissue tumor he had destroyed his hip to the point he will probably need a hip replacement. they are just waiting as he is pretty functional and still growing.
    anyway, I have read about this mushroom’s potential before and wondered if it would be helpful for our son as this sarcoma could come back but shows up in the lungs. He did have a small spot at his last checkup but it was so small they didn’t worry about it. But i keep it in mind and am watching for any respiratory symptoms etc. what would be a good dosage for a teen about 95 lbs to take of this supplement that would be beneficial even preventative to work against this cancer from returning?
    thanks for any input

  9. Yes my wife is from Mainland China and each time she goes home she brings back a few big bags of it and makes us soup in a traditional way. Also a lot of organic green and dark teas. It is a revered TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) We gave some to my friend who had prostate cancer surgery a while back, we hope he takes it.

  10. I thought it was the Chaga mushrm…..thats what my husband has been drinking ????

  11. One’s blood pH is very important since cancer can’t live in an alkaline environment. Actually, maintaining a blood pH of at least 7.1 is critical to one’s health and longevity.

  12. Dear sir,
    My big brother is patient high grade lipo sarcoma. First time his right thigh diagnosis cancer and we remove from surgery but after 8 month he come in left thigh and liver ..plz give me advice for him which herb use for him.
    Harish soni

  13. Hi everyone, I have as of recent been diagnosed with malignant granular cell tumour(high grade sarcoma quoted by some sites). I had all but given up hope on any possibility of survival. There are very limited data associated with this cancer and nil clinical trials underway as it is so rare. Studies on chemotherapy and radiotherapy proved inconclusive/ineffective. Since my diagnosis I have felt fatigue, vague, bone pain etc… Mum did some research and suggested I try taking Mikei Reishi mushroom in tablet form. I take 2 each day and it’s my 3rd day taking this tablet and I feel back to my old self again. I certainly am unsure about whether this will cure my cancer but so far it appears to help me feel ‘normal’ again. I think at this stage anything helps. For those who are interested in buying this Reishi mushroom you can purchase it online. But make sure you buy the right one. Nikkei Mikei Reishi from Japan is highly recommended. The one I am taking costs $120 for 60 tablets. Each capsule is comprised of 200mg of the Reishi extract. Some products from different countries have less polysaccharide content etc…. Hope this helps.

  14. I forgot to mention that after some research it was recommended that Reishi taken with green tea or either with vitamin C in the morning. This aided its ability to be absorbed by the gut.

  15. Great and interesting forum. I have Fibromyalgie and Pelvis instability. I had a lot of pain, and was always tired. I drink special coffee and teaproducts with Reishi, it helps me very well and it is easy in use. I’don’t use any mediciation anymore and my energylevel is very high.Available in 51 countries.

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