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Nature’s Fruity Statin Helps Clean Out Arteries

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Research continues to mount showing how a piece of fruit can naturally unclog your arteries in no time.

Without side effects.

In one study, researchers found that drinking this fruit juice reduced arterial plaque by up to 30 percent.1

For the study, Israeli scientists followed 19 subjects for three years. Patients were between the ages of 65 and 75. They were all non-smokers but had severe arterial buildup. So severe that their blood flowed at only 10 to 30 percent capacity.

Researchers gave 10 subjects this juice to drink daily. The other nine received a placebo. At baseline all subjects had similar levels for glucose, cholesterol, and blood pressure.

Diet and lifestyle practices remained constant throughout the test.

After just three months scientists noticed a difference. Thickness in the juice drinkers’ arteries decreased by 13 percent. And even better… After a year, plaque decreased by 30 percent. But in the placebo group, plaque increased by nine percent.

What is this artery-cleaning elixir?

Pomegranate juice.

In another Israeli study, researchers tested pomegranate juice on mice.2 The mice also had severely clogged arteries. Researchers split the mice into groups. One group had pomegranate juice added to their water. Researchers compared the pomegranate mice to a placebo and control group.

Once again, the pomegranate juice worked. In just two months, the mice that consumed the juice had improved arteries. The fruit reduced arterial lesion size by 17 percent.

Healthier arteries in just two months… you don’t get those types of results with drugs.

Statins and other high blood pressure medication are usually prescribed to treat hardening of the arteries – also known as atherosclerosis. We’ve told you the dangers of statins more than once. We’ve even told you how they actually cause arterial calcification.3

But now we’re finding that pomegranates are nature’s statin. Those little seeds found inside the wonder fruit are proving to do the job without the harmful side effects.

You can buy the fruit whole and crack it open and eat the seeds fresh. Or you can buy pomegranate juice. Just make sure you buy organic and naturally sweetened juice.

Don’t wait until the plaque builds up. Add pomegranates to your diet now as a preventative measure. They won’t just perk up your taste buds… they’ll get your blood flowing too.

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  1. It is not that pomegranate isn’t good–it is that you didn’t save lives by putting this information into proper perspective.

    Pomegranate juice reduced plaque–but took 2 months to do it, and only reduced plaque by “up to” 30%. What is the mean or mode percent reduction?

    Whereas bromelain protease enzyme reduces cardiovascular issues by up to 100% in up to 3 weeks. Wikipedia in 2005, when I first looked up bromelain, stated flatly that it was an anti-thrombotic, anti-ischemic, anti-viscosity, fibrinolytic, and apoptotic. In 2012, none of those attributes were in Wikipedia any more. It had been censored. But the facts still exist if you dig elsewhere for them. Especially in non-US studies or archived monographs.

    Here is what bromelain did, for me and a friend’s husband, both of us 66, both of us heart attack survivors, me a “high risk” patient with coronary artery blockage, high triglycerides from overprescription of HCTZ (above 25 mg/day a Swedish study online stated it does not improve cardiovascular health but does raise triglycerides through the roof).

    I was up for bypass surgery, my friend’s husband had just had a heart attack, angioplasty was performed, and he was on coumadin, HCTZ, beta blockers. My BP was 201/104, coronary blockage, viscosity 2.8, a smoker, dead tissue in both left heart chambers and nerve bundle blockage, reactive hypoglycemia (the old names were “brittle diabetes” or “fluctuating diabetes”). I took 500 mg bromelain 3 times a day for 3 weeks. My blockage was nearly invisible, my BP was 134/80, viscosity 1.0. He normalized in 2 weeks on bromelain to 125/75, all other markers normalized as well, and he had gone off coumadin, etc. But he was a non-smoker and did oral chelation and had the help of an ND, while I bootstrapped it alone as best I could–my allopathic PCP and cardiologist were no help at all.

    I really helped save his life. You really could help save lives better than you are doing with this paltry pomegranate juice article. Two months for only “up to” 30% plaque reduction?? Even I as a layperson know that isn’t near good enough..!

    1. Maybe some people, – not yet (???) being diagnosed with any illness – could benefit with this advice from INH about pomegranate juice, as a prevention means !

      Thanks for your informative newsletter !

      Louise, from Montéal

    2. But it was this article on pomegranate that led me to your information, so it’s all good 🙂


    3. Gertrude “Trudy”

      I have just found out that I have block artery in my left leg. I’m going to use your protocol using bromelain protease enzyme. Is there anything else that you used to get all the good results you mentioned? Thank you in advance for your for your input of any kind.


    4. Trudy I really found your article informative. Are you still taking the 500mg bromelain 3 tmes a day?


  2. I have neuroapathy in my feet along with arthritis and very clogged arteries. Is it too late to use the pomegranate juice? I’m desperate to find relief as some days I can hardly walk as my feet & legs hurt so bad. The Dr. tells me to ‘keep walking’ as I’m not a candidate for surgery to correct the problem. I ddid have some laser surgery on left leg for a buldging vein. I’m also have a jacuzzie hot tub put in my bathroom next week hoping it will be of help. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
    Thank you

  3. In regards to the article on pomergranate juice uses as a statin. What is the substance in the fruit that is the active ingredient that can melt placque in your arteries?

  4. Will the juice further unclog the artery after 30% level if continue to consume it further .


  6. Message for Gertrude “Trudy”

    When you took the bromelaine, were you taking any drugs at the same time, or did you stop them when youstarted on the bromelaine ?

  7. I have neuropathy also and I’m taking “nerve support formula” pills from
    Real Food Nutrients. The guy to talk to there is Larry McCormick

  8. I am confident that a procedure called chelation will greatly help.

    Nueropathy is one of the complications that is caused by diabetes that is not controlled well. Chelation therapy is administered by a medical doctor
    who has also studied alternative medicine. It is eminently safe contrary to mainstream medicine that tries to discredit it. The only drawback is the cost of treatment which can range from $120-$150 per treatment depending on the doctor. If you can afford it go for it.

    1. I am a candidate for Aorta bifemoral bypass,and i was introduce to chelation theropy by a doctor i begin to take angioprim oral chelaton for some weeks and did;t get any possitive results so i went on IV chelation for about four weeks,i still did’t get any good results but the doctor told me if i will like a more quicker result then i will have to take the Aorta bifemoral bypass.i was told my the surgeon that it may harm my erections or my kidneys and i might end up[ on the dyalisis machine that made me scared,so i am on some oral chelation again angioprim.if their is any one who can help i will appreciate it.just dont want to do the surgery.thank you.

  9. I have been drinking 8 oz. of pomegranate juice daily for 6 years now for reasons totally unrelated to heart disease. I am happy to hear that it benefits my arteries by cleaning them and strengthing my heart. I believe though that by changing my diet to a more healthy one has made a world of difference in my total health too.

  10. Go to Algodonez Mexico. 7 miles south of Yuma AZ. $50.00 a treatment. Go in the winter. 70 degrees then. Plan on staying 2 months. My husband and I both had chelation but I think you have to go back once a year to keep up to date. Probably an oral product would work well and you don’t have to leave home! My husband is starting on Serrapeptase. A capsule you take orally and highly recommended on the internet.

  11. I read this article and Trudy’s comment last week. 5 days ago I started drinking a small glass of Pomegranate juice and taking 1 500mg Bromelain tablet (on an empty stomach, separately). This morning I noticed that my vision is clearer, and I think that my thinking is clearer.

    The huge ropey blue veins sticking up on the backs of my hands are gone. They are now sunk back into my hands and flat like they were 20 years ago. I swear, I think my skin looks smoother and better. My feet, toes, and fingers are nice and warm, so I know my circulation is better. I feel like my BP has goon down. I stopped taking my blood pressure because it was so damn scary high. I’m looking forward to taking it soon.

    In the meantime, I am going to continue drinking a glass of dilute Pomegranate juice and 1 Bromelain tablet every day.

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