Natural Weight Loss… in a Tantalizing Bottle

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When it comes to losing weight, nothing can replace a sensible diet.  But there are ways to give your efforts a boost… 

And when we find a boost as appealing as this one, we simply have to pass it along.

It’s a bottled drink you can find at your local store. And it isn’t something you would typically think could help you lose weight.

But Dr. Kee-Hong Kim set out to see what this drink had to offer. And he discovered that this popular drink helps block fat cells.1

During the study researchers found that the process called adipogenesis – when early stage fat cells mature – is halted.

“We consider that adipogenesis is an important molecular target to delay or prevent fat cell accumulation and, hopefully, body fat mass gain,” said Dr. Kim.

The best part…

Forget about the dangerous side effects that come with weight loss drugs. This possible fat stopper is all-natural.  In fact, it sounds almost too good to be true…

We’re talking about wine! Red wine to be exact.

Now, thanks to the study published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, you no longer have to feel guilty for indulging.

Dr. Kim and his team conducted the study on an animal model of obesity.

It takes at least 10 days for early stage fat cells to fully mature. And during those 10 days the immature fat cells go through several stages. Once the fat cells fully mature it becomes much more difficult to shrink them from diet and exercise.

However, a compound found in red wine, called piceatannol, binds to insulin receptors during the first stage of adipogenesis. From there, it blocks insulin’s ability to control cell cycles and activate genes needed to carry out fat cell formation. That then prevents immature fat cells from growing and maturing. And helps to keep you from developing a bulge.

Why is insulin a key element in the process?

Insulin is a storage hormone.2 And it stores fat…

So, by piceatannol blocking insulin’s fat-storing properties, it’s eliminating possible body-fat build up and weight gain.

“These precursor cells, even though they have not accumulated lipids, have the potential to become fat cells,” Dr. Kim said.

Piceatannol is similar in structure to resveratrol.3 Actually, these two compounds aren’t just “similar.” Your body converts resveratrol to piceatannol after consumption. There are tons of studies showing resveratrol’s health benefits. Studies have proven it prevents and fights cancer, heart disease, and neurodegenerative diseases. And now with piceatannol coming into the limelight it’s like getting two star-fighting compounds for the price of one.

Dr. Kim says the results from the study offer great promise in fighting obesity.

This new discovery may make you want to pop the cork and drink the entire bottle… but not so fast. Red wine is not a weight loss miracle that lets you to eat anything you want and stay slim. But there is proof that it may help. Just remember, as with anything, moderation is key.

Don’t drink or like the taste of red wine? Good news… You can still reap the benefits of piceatannol. This fat blasting compound is also found in blueberries, passion fruit, and many other fruits. Specifically in the skins.

There’s no substitute for a healthy diet and lifestyle but a little vino may help speed up the process and help you relax. So, indulge… pour a glass and enjoy. And cheers to a slimmer you!

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